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Monday, November 17, 2014

School Adopts Erasable Toner MFPs

Toshiba e-Studio 306
In order to adhere to its sustainability-based agenda, Millfields Community School in Hackney, London, has invested a range of infrastructure improvements, such as solar PV panels, in order to provide a "cleaner, equitable, and more sustainable environment".

To further this goal, the school's Business Manager, Stefania Antoniazzi, was looking to reduce the amount of waste paper being generated, explaining: "Excess printing is a huge financial burden on educational institutions like ours and the majority of paper waste occurred from users printing to a device and then forgetting, or simply not bothering, to collect their documents. This resulted in a huge amount of wastage that had to be addressed."

Antoniazzi contacted office solutions supplier Direct Tec, whose Sales Director Simon Riley suggested she visit Toshiba TEC's showroom in London, where a full range of devices were on display. It was here that Antoniazzi selected Toshiba e-STUDIO306LP, featuring unique erasable toner technology, and the associated e-STUDIO RD30 eraser unit, along with a number of other Toshiba MFPs. The eraser unit allows used paper to be fed into it and will then heat the ink, erasing the print and providing a blank sheet to be used again up to five times, cutting paper usage by up to 80%.

Commenting on the devices, Antoniazzi said: "Integrating it into our day-to-day operations couldn't have been easier and it means that we can monitor the recycling of the paper, which we have been able to reuse up to 10 times. What's more, Toshiba TEC also provided a number of Pilot FriXion ball pens, which also have erasable ink, so that we can recycle annotated documents and even exam papers."

In terms of savings, Antoniazzi said: "As well as having to reduce our regular paper order, we worked out that the print jobs sent but not released had a value of $2,324. This equates to 39,000 sheets of paper that we didn't use, and we have estimated that we will save in excess of $200,600 over the next three years – money which can be reinvested to provide our pupils with an even better learning environment."

Source: The Recycler

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