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Lexmark Inkjet Supplies Price Changes Effective Jan 1, 2015

Lexmark Logo
Lexmark International, Inc. is announcing an inkjet supplies increase of approximately 6% on the majority of inkjet part numbers, effective January 1, 2015. This increase will apply to both MSRP and reseller prices.

Lexmark has incurred increasing costs due to market conditions as well as from declining volumes. Lexmark will continue to mitigate its costs, but a price increase is necessary to offset the expenses that are occurring.

Lexmark will reserve the right to limit quantities ordered by a reseller prior to January 1, 2015. Product must be shipped from Lexmark by December 31, 2014 to receive prior price.

The price increase will effect the following products:
· Lexmark 10N0016 -- Lexmark #16
· Lexmark 10N0026 -- Lexmark #26
· Lexmark 10N0202 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #16, #26
· Lexmark 10N0217 -- Lexmark #17
· Lexmark 10N0227 -- Lexmark #27
· Lexmark 10N0595 -- Lexmark #17 / #27
· Lexmark 14L0086 -- Lexmark # 200 Cyan
· Lexmark 14L0087 -- Lexmark # 200 Magenta
· Lexmark 14L0088 -- Lexmark # 200 Yellow
· Lexmark 14L0173 -- Lexmark # 200 Black
· Lexmark 14L0174 -- Lexmark # 200XL Black
· Lexmark 14L0175 -- Lexmark # 200XL Cyan
· Lexmark 14L0176 -- Lexmark # 200XL Magenta
· Lexmark 14L0177 -- Lexmark # 200XL Yellow
· Lexmark 14L0197 -- Lexmark # 200XLA Black
· Lexmark 14L0198 -- Lexmark # 200XLA Cyan
· Lexmark 14L0199 -- Lexmark # 200XLA Magenta
· Lexmark 14L0200 -- Lexmark # 200XLA Yellow
· Lexmark 14L0268 -- Lexmark # 200
· Lexmark 14L0269 -- Lexmark # 200XL
· Lexmark 14L0646 -- Lexmark# 200 Black - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14L0647 -- Lexmark# 200 Cyan - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14L0648 -- Lexmark# 200 Magenta - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14L0649 -- Lexmark# 200 Yellow - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14L0650 -- Lexmark# 200XL Black - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14L0651 -- Lexmark# 200XL Cyan - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14L0652 -- Lexmark# 200XL Magenta - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14L0653 -- Lexmark# 200XL Yellow - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14N0332 -- Lexmark# 108 Black
· Lexmark 14N0337 -- Lexmark# 108 Cyan
· Lexmark 14N0340 -- Lexmark# 108 Magenta
· Lexmark 14N0342 -- Lexmark# 108 Yellow
· Lexmark 14N0476 -- Lexmark# 108XL Black
· Lexmark 14N0477 -- Lexmark# 108XL Cyan
· Lexmark 14N0478 -- Lexmark# 108XL Magenta
· Lexmark 14N0479 -- Lexmark# 108XL Yellow
· Lexmark 14N0481 -- Lexmark# 108XLA Black
· Lexmark 14N0482 -- Lexmark# 108XLA Black
· Lexmark 14N0483 -- Lexmark# 108XLA Black
· Lexmark 14N0484 -- Lexmark# 108XLA Black
· Lexmark 14N0655 -- Lexmark# 108 Black
· Lexmark 14N0656 -- Lexmark# 108 Cyan
· Lexmark 14N0657 -- Lexmark# 108 Magenta
· Lexmark 14N0658 -- Lexmark# 108 Yellow
· Lexmark 14N0659 -- Lexmark# 108XL Black
· Lexmark 14N0660 -- Lexmark# 108XL Cyan
· Lexmark 14N0661 -- Lexmark# 108XL Magenta
· Lexmark 14N0662 -- Lexmark# 108XL Yellow
· Lexmark 14N0684 -- Lexmark #100XL
· Lexmark 14N0685 -- Lexmark #100
· Lexmark 14N0820 -- Lexmark #100
· Lexmark 14N0820PC4 -- Lexmark #100 Black RPQ PC4
· Lexmark 14N0822 -- Lexmark #105XL
· Lexmark 14N0843 -- Lexmark #105XL
· Lexmark 14N0852 -- Printhead Kit with No Tanks(Semi Finished)
· Lexmark 14N0900 -- Lexmark #100
· Lexmark 14N0901 -- Lexmark #100
· Lexmark 14N0902 -- Lexmark #100
· Lexmark 14N1019 -- Lexmark #100 Printhead Kit with Tanks
· Lexmark 14N1068 -- Lexmark #100XL Black
· Lexmark 14N1069 -- Lexmark #100XL Cyan
· Lexmark 14N1070 -- Lexmark #100XL Magenta
· Lexmark 14N1071 -- Lexmark #100XL Yellow
· Lexmark 14N1092 -- Lexmark #100XLA Black
· Lexmark 14N1093 -- Lexmark #100XLA Cyan
· Lexmark 14N1094 -- Lexmark #100XLA Magenta
· Lexmark 14N1095 -- Lexmark #100XLA Yellow
· Lexmark 14N1180 -- Lexmark #105XL/105XL Black
· Lexmark 14N1185 -- Lexmark #100/100/100 C/Y/M Club
· Lexmark 14N1188 -- Lexmark #100XL/100XL/100XL C/Y/M Club
· Lexmark 14N1202 -- Lexmark #100/100/100 C/Y/M (Canada)
· Lexmark 14N1204 -- Lexmark #100XL/100XL/100XL C/Y/M (Canada)
· Lexmark 14N1205 -- Lexmark #105XL/105XL/105XL/105XL Black (Canada)
· Lexmark 14N1206 -- Lexmark #108/108/108 C/Y/M (Canada)
· Lexmark 14N1208 -- Lexmark #108XL/108XL/108XL C/Y/M (Canada)
· Lexmark 14N1228 -- Lexmark #100XL Printhead Kit with Tanks
· Lexmark 14N1229 -- Lexmark #105XL Printhead Kit with Tanks
· Lexmark 14N1230 -- Lexmark #108 Printhead Kit with Tanks
· Lexmark 14N1231 -- Lexmark #108XL Printhead Kit with Tanks
· Lexmark 14N1339 -- Printhead Kit with No Tanks
· Lexmark 14N1607 -- Lexmark #150 Black
· Lexmark 14N1608 -- Lexmark #150 Cyan
· Lexmark 14N1609 -- Lexmark #150 Magenta
· Lexmark 14N1610 -- Lexmark #150 Yellow
· Lexmark 14N1614 -- Lexmark #150XL Black
· Lexmark 14N1615 -- Lexmark #150XL Cyan
· Lexmark 14N1616 -- Lexmark #150XL Magenta
· Lexmark 14N1618 -- Lexmark #150XL Yellow
· Lexmark 14N1619 -- Lexmark #155XL
· Lexmark 14N1636 -- Lexmark #150XLA Black
· Lexmark 14N1642 -- Lexmark #150XLA Cyan
· Lexmark 14N1646 -- Lexmark #150XLA Magenta
· Lexmark 14N1650 -- Lexmark #150XLA Yellow
· Lexmark 14N1805 -- Lexmark #150 CMY Tri-pack - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14N1807 -- Lexmark #150XL CMY Tri-pack - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14N1809 -- Lexmark #150XL Black Tri-pack - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 14N1816 -- Lexmark #150 Printhead
· Lexmark 14N1820 -- Lexmark #150 Configured Cartridge Replacement Kit
· Lexmark 14N1821 -- Lexmark #150 Configured Cartridge Replacement Kit
· Lexmark 14N1833 -- Lexmark #150 Black Club 4 Pack
· Lexmark 18C0032 -- Lexmark #32
· Lexmark 18C0034 -- Lexmark #34
· Lexmark 18C0035 -- Lexmark #35
· Lexmark 18C0119 -- Lexmark #23 / #24
· Lexmark 18C0190 -- Lexmark #2
· Lexmark 18C0532 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #32, #33
· Lexmark 18C0535 -- Lexmark #34 / #35
· Lexmark 18C0781 -- Lexmark #1
· Lexmark 18C0948 -- Lexmark #1 / #1
· Lexmark 18C1246 -- Lexmark #28A
· Lexmark 18C1256 -- Lexmark #29A
· Lexmark 18C1428 -- Lexmark #28
· Lexmark 18C1429 -- Lexmark #29
· Lexmark 18C1523 -- Lexmark #23
· Lexmark 18C1524 -- Lexmark #24
· Lexmark 18C1528 -- Lexmark #28A
· Lexmark 18C1529 -- Lexmark #29A
· Lexmark 18C1571 -- Lexmark #23 / #24
· Lexmark 18C1590 -- Lexmark #28, #29
· Lexmark 18C1623 -- Lexmark #23A
· Lexmark 18C1624 -- Lexmark #24A
· Lexmark 18C1737 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #2, #3
· Lexmark 18C1954 -- Lexmark #4A
· Lexmark 18C1960 -- Lexmark #5
· Lexmark 18C1970 -- Lexmark #5A
· Lexmark 18C1974 -- Lexmark #4
· Lexmark 18C2080 -- Lexmark #14A
· Lexmark 18C2090 -- Lexmark #14
· Lexmark 18C2100 -- Lexmark #15A
· Lexmark 18C2110 -- Lexmark #15
· Lexmark 18C2130 -- Lexmark #36
· Lexmark 18C2130PC4 -- Lexmark #36 RPQ PC4
· Lexmark 18C2140 -- Lexmark #37
· Lexmark 18C2150 -- Lexmark #36A
· Lexmark 18C2160 -- Lexmark #37A
· Lexmark 18C2170 -- Lexmark #36XL
· Lexmark 18C2180 -- Lexmark #37XL
· Lexmark 18C2190 -- Lexmark #36XLA
· Lexmark 18C2200 -- Lexmark #37XLA
· Lexmark 18C2249 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #36XL, #37XL
· Lexmark 18C2249 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #36XL, #37XL
· Lexmark 18C2255 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #4, #5
· Lexmark 18C2255 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #4, #5
· Lexmark 18C2315 -- Lexmark #4 - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 18C2316 -- Lexmark #5 - Sensormatic
· Lexmark 18L0032 -- Lexmark #82
· Lexmark 18L0042 -- Lexmark #83
· Lexmark 18L0279 -- Lexmark #82
· Lexmark 18L0284 -- Lexmark #83
· Lexmark 18Y0108 -- Lexmark #44XL
· Lexmark 18Y0141 -- Lexmark #41
· Lexmark 18Y0142 -- Lexmark #42
· Lexmark 18Y0144 -- Lexmark #44XL
· Lexmark 18Y0341 -- Lexmark #41A
· Lexmark 18Y0342 -- Lexmark #42A
· Lexmark 18Y0343 -- Lexmark #43XL
· Lexmark 18Y0372 -- Lexmark Twin-Pack #44XL, #43XL

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Epson Introduces Heavy Duty A3 Color Workgroup MFP

Epson Logo
Epson America, Inc., a leading provider of business imaging solutions, recently announced expansion of its portfolio of workgroup printers with its two new A3 printing solutions powered by PrecisionCore™ – the WorkForce® Pro WF-8590 and WF-8090. The WorkForce Pro 8000-Series printers are designed to deliver affordable color printing with low intervention for small and medium companies and corporate workgroups.

The WorkForce Pro 8000-Series features black and color print speeds up to 24 ppm, a duty cycle of up to 75,000 pages and cost savings up to 40% lower than printing from color lasers. With the WorkForce Pro WF-8590 (multifunction) and WF-8090 (single function) color printers, workgroups will benefit from versatile media handling to print up to 13" x 19" on a variety of media, including envelopes and labels. With ultra-high yield cartridges to print or copy up to 7,000 color pages and total paper capacity of up to 1,830 sheets with optional paper trays, small and medium businesses (SMBs) can maximize work productivity by reducing the frequency of supplies replenishment.

"Business decision-makers and their solutions providers are moving A3 printing closer to the knowledge workers who print a high volume of color pages," said Larry Trevarthen, director, Business Imaging, Epson America, Inc. "This move not only minimizes workflow disruption, but with the new WorkForce Pro 8000-Series, it can also optimize the costs of color printing."

"These new Epson models are designed to augment traditional 'big iron' machines – not replace them – to more conveniently deliver the wide-format color documents produced by companies in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and financial services," Trevarthen added.

Additional WorkForce Pro 8000-Series features include:
· Drivers & utilities - universal printer driver; PCL and PostScript® 3 support.
· Security features: PIN number certification for job release; user control access, printer and network settings via Web configuration with printer’s IP address, SSL/TLS security, IPSec.
· Efficiency – automatic duplexing plus auto media size detection; WorkForce Pro WF-8590 adds auto two-sided copying, faxing and scanning, including Scan to Cloud, scan to email and Epson Document Capture Pro software.
· Built-in connectivity - includes Ethernet, USB, wireless b/g/n and Wi-Fi Direct®; easily print from tablets and smartphones, including remote printing and access to Cloud.
· Enabled for remote printer data collection – Compatible with MPS software solutions from PrintFleet®, ECi (FMAudit®) and others.

The WorkForce Pro WF-8590 and WF-8090 will be available in January 2015 through the Epson ImageWaySM Partner Program to channel partners and through authorized commercial channel resellers.

Source: Epson Introduces Heavy Duty A3 Color Workgroup Printer and MFP Powered by PrecisionCore™ Technology

Monday, December 08, 2014

Half of USB Devices Have Unpatchable Security Flaws

Following up na article on Wirth Consulting, the security researchers that discovered the vulnerability have since tested the USB controller chips from eight of the major suppliers. Hacker Karsten Nohl presented at the recent PacSec security conference in Tokyo that he and his fellow researchers Jakob Lell and Sascha Krissler have analyzed every USB controller chip sold by the industry's most prominent vendors to see if they are vulnerable. The good news is that they found that the exploit can only affect about half of USB devices. The bad news is that it is nearly impossible to identify which devices are secure without physically disassembling every last device and identifying its USB chips:

"It’s not like you plug a thumbdrive into your computer and it tells you this is a Cypress chip, and this one is a Phison chip," says Nohl, citing two of the top USB chip manufacturers. "You really can't check other than by opening the device and doing the analysis yourself... The scarier story is that we can't give you a list of safe devices."

Nohl's continuing research is in response to critics who argued that his original BadUSB presentation was too narrowly focused on chip maker Phison. Subsequently, Nohl's team tested the vulnerability of USB controller chips sold by the industry's biggest vendors: Phison, Alcor, Renesas, ASmedia, Genesys Logic, FTDI, Cypress, and Microchip. Their methodology included checking the versions of each chip by analyzing their published specifications and plugging it into a PC and attempting to rewrite the chip's firmware. The test results were largely unpredictable, and each USB controller chip/device was rated as "vulnerable", "secure", or "inconclusive":

·  All of the USB storage controllers from Taiwanese firm Phison were vulnerable to reprogramming.
·  USB storage controllers from ASmedia were not.
·  USB controller chips from Taiwanese company Genesys that used the USB 2 standard were not vulnerable, but those that used USB 3 standard were.
·  Other USB devices, such as USB hubs, keyboards, webcams, and mice were even more unpredictable.

Nohl’s team also discovered that at least one company already protects against BadUSB attacks: USB device maker Imation employs its Ironkey technology that requires any new firmware updates to its USB flash-memory "thumbdrives" are signed with an "un-forgeable" cryptographic signature that prevents malicious reprogramming. On the other hand, security researcher Richard Harman subsequently found that the popular flash-memory vendor Kingston uses USB chips from up to a half-dozen different companies. Nevertheless, Nohl says that some of the USB controller chips that were found to be immune were protected "by accident" and were deliberately custom-designed ("defeatured") for unique applications for economical considerations that oh-by-the-way, also makes them immune to reprogramming. However, Nohl warns that "every chip that could be reprogrammable is reprogrammable," and vulnerable to BadUSB.

In summary, Nohl states that because of lack of transparency (openly identifying the source of the USB controller chips), and the unpredictable mix of secure and insecure USB controller chips, practically every device produced by the USB device industry is suspect.

Source: It’s Official: Half of USB Devices Have Unpatchable Security Flaws

Friday, December 05, 2014

Canon Celebrates 25th Cartridge Recycling Anniversary

Canon Logo
The Canon Toner Cartridge Recycling Program will celebrate its 25th year in operation in 2015, and now covers 26 countries across the world, and the OEM revealed that in December 2013 it had collected around 320,000 metric tonnes of used toner cartridges for recycling since 1990. Four global bases are used to collect and recycle the cartridges: Canon Ecology Industry Inc. in Japan; Canon Dalian Business Machines, Inc. in China; Canon Virginia, Inc. in the United States of America; and Canon Bretagne S.A.S. in France.

After launching Canon PC-10 and Canon PC-20 in October 1982, which the OEM says were the "world's first personal copying machines to incorporate replaceable all-in-one toner cartridges", the cartridges used were "adapted" for use in laser printers, "rapidly gaining in popularity", and in line with what the OEM says is its corporate philosophy of 'kyosei' – "living and working together for the common good", it launched the recycling program, which it claims was a "watershed moment" for the industry.

Other environmental claims it makes include reducing the "use of new resources" by 220,000 metric tonnes and CO2 emissions by 480,000 metric tonnes. To celebrate the 25 years of operation, the OEM will expand recycling eco-lesson visits to Japanese elementary schools, which will feature an "experiment involving the separation of materials made of plastics and metals", and this will also be presented at the Eco-Products 2014 exhibition in Japan later this month.

Source: The Recycler

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

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