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Monday, November 03, 2014

HP cartridge achieves record-breaking print-out

One million digits of mathematical constant Pi printed using just one HP 8 ml ink cartridge. reported that a record was broken after YouTube channel Numberphile partnered with HP Specialty Printing Systems' Denmark-based OEM customer HAS Systems in a print project, which saw one million digits of the mathematical constant Pi printed on a single roll of brown 70 gsm Kraft paper using only one HP Durable Black ink cartridge.

The print was "powered by HP Thermal Inkjet 2.5 technology", with the digits printed at HAS Systems' facility in Denmark in eight-point Courier New font. The digits took just over 48 minutes to print, and once completed, the print-out was rolled-out at a UK airfield, measuring 1.052 miles.

Brady Haran, filmmaker and video journalist at Numberphile, said: "HP ink withstood challenging UK weather conditions like wind, rain and mist, and the last digit was printed as clear as the first one this is a remarkable proof point for the reliability, consistency and efficiency of original HP inks."

The article states that the project has been "rated as a world record by an independent mathematical professor", and has submitted an application for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Source: The Recycler

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