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Friday, November 14, 2014

Samsung Targets Enterprises with New A4 and A3 MFPs

Samsung Printer Cartridges
Earlier this fall, Samsung Electronics America announced the "Smartify" campaign, aimed at increasing awareness of Samsung's brand in the B2B channel and promoting the company's printing solutions for businesses. The hardware that Samsung is promoting via this campaign includes the ProXpress M4583FX and M4580FX A4 monochrome MFPs, the Android-powered devices we have written about previously , along with some hardware scheduled for availability via the BTA channel in the fourth quarter of this year: the MultiXpress M5370LX, an A4 monochrome MFP; the MultiXpress X4300LX series of A3 color MFPs; and the MultiXpress K4300LX family of A3 monochrome MFPs. A Samsung spokesperson recently shared more information about these devices.

Continuing to Push into A3 Market
Samsung, which had long been a serious player in the A4 laser printer markets, especially in the low end of the market, signified its intent to move upmarket and compete against copier vendors several years ago, starting with the introduction of A4 products such as the MultiXpress SCX-6555N in 2008. Then, in 2011, Samsung announced its own A3 MFPs that would be distributed via copier dealers, indicating it would compete head-to-head against traditional copier vendors . In 2012, Samsung announced its own managed print program and rolled out still more A3 devices.

Now Samsung's years-long strategy to move its MFPs into enterprises and take away share from traditional copier OEMs continues with the introduction of the MultiXpress X4300LX and MultiXpress K4300LX series. Samsung informs us that the MultiXpress X4300LX A3 color MFPs, the 25/25 ppm X4250XL and the 30/30 ppm X4300LX, replace the CLX-9201NA, CLX-9251NA, and CLX-9301NA that Samsung announced two years ago. Meanwhile, the MultiXpress K4300LX series, which consists of the 25 ppm K4250LX, the 30 ppm K4300LX, and the 35 ppm K4350LX, replace the SCX-8123NA and SCX-8128NA, which were also introduced in 2012 alongside the older A3 color devices.

According to Samsung, one key improvement is that the new units include a much bigger, better touch screen. Whereas the older units had a 7-inch color touch screen, the new units use the same touch screen introduced with the ProXpress M4583FX and M4580FX A4. The Samsung Smart User Interface is powered by the Android operating system and is essentially a 10.1-inch LCD touch screen that operates like an Android tablet. The Samsung spokesperson tells us, "This user-friendly UI provides intuitiveness, usability, and extendibility at the same which ensures perfect compatibility with various Android-based smart devices."

Another big improvement, says the spokesperson, is that then new units are equipped with dual scan technology, enabling the Samsung machines to deliver "best-in-class scanning speeds." Other enhancements include support for feature Samsung's eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) and optional wireless and NFC (Active Type) printing.

Higher-Yield Supplies
Samsung indicates that its latest A3 devices have one additional improvement over the 2012 models they replace: new consumables with significantly higher yields, resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Whereas the older CLX-9201NA, CLX-9251NA, and CLX-9301NA use toner cartridges with yields of 20,000 pages or black and 15,000 pages each for cyan, magenta, and yellow, the new MultiXpress X4300LX series uses the new CLT-K808S black toner that delivers 23,000 pages and the CLT-C808S cyan, CLT-M808S magenta, and CLT-Y808S yellow toner cartridges, rated at 20,000 pages apiece. Other required consumables on the new color units are the CLT-R808 imaging unit, rated at 100,000 pages, and the CLT-W808 waste-toner bottle with a yield of 33,500 pages. Samsung declined to provide manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRPs) for consumables, saying pricing is set by dealers.

Similarly, while the SCX-8123NA/8128NA-NX took a 25,000-page toner cartridge, the new MultiXpress K4300LX series takes either the 25,000-page MLT-D708S toner or a higher-yield, 35,000-page cartridge, the MLT-D708L. Other consumables include the 200,000-page MLT-D708L imaging unit and the 100,000-page MLT-W708 waste-toner bottle.

Like the previous models, the new A3 devices use Samsung's chemically produced polymerized toner.

A4 M5370LX
Along with these A3 devices, Samsung introduced the MultiXpress M5370LX, a high-speed (55 ppm) A4 monochrome MFP. We believe Xerox used the same Samsung engine employed in the new M5370LX in its new WorkCentre 4265 series.

Samsung tells us that the MultiXpress M5370LX is an addition to the company's lineup, but it may in time replace the SCX-6555N-NX models noted earlier, as well as the SCX-6645N. The M5370LX offers similar improvements over these older Samsung devices that the A3 mono and color machines did over their predecessors. The machine has an MSRP of $5,553.99.

The M5370LX uses new consumables including the MLT-D358S black toner cartridge with a yield of 30,000 pages and the MLT-R358 imaging unit, which rated at 100,000 pages. Again, Samsung did not provide supplies pricing as the MuliXpress M5370LX will be sold through its dealer channel.

Source: Actionable Intelligence

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