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Monday, October 24, 2016

Dell Price Increase

Dell Logo
We at Priceless Ink & Toner have been notified of a price increase on select Dell imaging supplies, effective November 3, 2016. Please refer to the list below for details.

There is still time to stock up on all the Dell supplies or choose some of our Dell compatible laser toner supplies. Order now!

Dell K2885 / 310-4131 increased by 9.96%
Dell M2925 / 310-4585 increased by 9.96%
Dell HD767 / 310-7237 increased by 5.4%
Dell UD314 / 310-7238 increased by 5.12%
Dell J9833 / 310-7660 increased by 10.94%
Dell GD898 / 310-7889 increased by 3.04%
Dell GD900 / 310-7891 increased by 3.17%
Dell JD750 / 310-7895 increased by 3.17%
Dell RF223 / 310-7945 increased by 10.44%
Dell F030 / 310-8092 increased by 9.96%
Dell F028 / 310-8093 increased by 5.22%
Dell F029 / 310-8094 increased by 3.16%
Dell RF012 / 310-8095 increased by 5.07%
Dell RF013 / 310-8096 increased by 3.16%
Dell MF790 / 310-8097 increased by 5.07%
Dell NF556 / 310-8098 increased by 3.16%
Dell NF555 / 310-8099 increased by 5.07%
Dell MW558 / 310-8700 increased by 10.36%
Dell DT615 / 310-9058 increased by 5.29%
Dell KU051 / 310-9060 increased by 5.18%
Dell PN124 / 310-9062 increased by 5.18%
Dell WM138 / 310-9064 increased by 5.18%
Dell XP407 / 310-9319 increased by 9.96%
Dell P237C / 310-1416 increased by 7.09%
Dell P4210 / 310-5417 increased by 9.96%
Dell P239C / 330-1418 increased by 8.53%
Dell P240C / 330-1419 increased by 8.53%
Dell FM067 / 330-1433 increased by 3.44%
Dell FM064 / 330-1436 increased by 13.72%
Dell FM065 / 330-1437 increased by 3.44%
Dell FM066 / 330-1438 increased by 3.44%
Dell PK492 / 330-2648 increased by 6.12%
Dell PK941 / 330-2650 increased by 3.29%
Dell DM254 / 330-2664 increased by 4.48%
Dell T272J / 330-3785 increased by 5.52%
Dell M802K / 330-3786 increased by 5.22%
Dell K756K / 330-3787 increased by 5.22%
Dell M795K / 330-4130 increased by 4.4%
Dell 2MMJP / 330-9523 increased by 5.52%
Dell 2KMVD / 330-9619 increased by 2.54%

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

HP Will Block Generic Cartridges in the Future

HP Logo
The firmware update that unblocks non-HP cartridges is only a temporary solution, according to HP. The printer manufacturer will block non-HP cartridges again in the future but will be more transparent about it.

A HP spokesman told the Dutch website that the company made a mistake in its communication about the rejection of non-HP cartridges. In the future the company will block non-HP cartridges again but the change will be better communicated, according to the spokesman.

Earlier today reported that HP released a firmware update for Officejet, Officejet Pro and Officejet Pro X printers that allows them to accept non-HP ink cartridges again. The firmware is a bit hidden indicating the printer manufacturer prefers users to stay on the current firmware that doesn’t allow non-HP ink cartridges.

HP previously stated it rejects non-HP cartridges, "to protect its intellectual property, innovation and to protect the communication between the cartridge and the printer."

The entire soap started when on the 13th of September several HP printer types started to reject non-HP ink cartridges. An online ink retailer found that HP pre-programmed a date in its firmware on which private label, non-HP ink cartridges would no longer be accepted. HP first stated it wouldn’t fix the issue but after a lot of press attention the company apologized and decided to release a firmware update that would make non-HP cartridges work again. This update was released on 14th October. To download it, visit HP drivers' page.

It appears the soap will continue in a later stadium when HP will release a new firmware update that will reject non-HP cartridges again but will be more transparent about it. The issue isn’t the communication, but the fact that HP printer owners will be forced to buy more expensive official HP ink cartridges.


Monday, October 03, 2016

Priceless 50% OFF is here!

Priceless 50% OFF is here!
Priceless Ink & Toner

Here's the Good News! We have the

50% Back Sweepstakes in October!

Every purchase made from September 30th until Oct 31st qualifies for the 50% Rebate Offer.
You could be selected to receive half your purchase amount back from Priceless Ink!

Whether you have one purchase order or more, we'll combine all the orders and return half the amount, so you can apply those dollars toward more Holiday Gifts or something nice for yourself. Click here for complete Sweepstake Details

Tell a few friends about the 50% Back Sweepstakes, we're sure they'll appreciate knowing!

Now, we have to tell you some disheartening news.

Hewlett Packard (Greedy HP) is back at the FUD Game again.

FUD, simply means creating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in the customers mind.

This past week we heard of a new Firmware that HP launched on Printer Owners and disabled every
machine where the Consumer chose to use a remanufactured or alternative replacement ink cartridge.

Regardless of whether you own an HP machine or another brand, please consider checking out the article
we have provided, in order to ensure your printer will continue to accept replacement supplies in the future
and will not get locked out by the manufacturer.

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