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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Press Release

Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co

A company that is moving forward into new areas of service and customer relations.

Supplying exceptional products at competitive prices was a start for this 10 year old online retailer. Building a client base that exceeds 100,000 customers was our main goal and initiative, explained Mrs. B. Colbert. During the years we expanded our product catalog, which now reaches more than 4000 ink, toner and maintenance products for the major brand imaging devices. The industry changes almost every day with new technologies and supplies becoming available. We have built 6 successful web stores, which appeal to different consumer markets and each one utilizes specific data for Search Engines to locate our stores. Online commerce is more of a science then most people realize. Consumers demand speed, accuracy, privacy, knowledge, security and a helpful attitude from their online retailer.

It's got to be quick, reliable and cheap then I'll consider buying it! Sound familiar?

Yes, we've heard it from many of our clients and understand their needs. We are changing the focus of the company to represent increased levels of service. In the near future our simplified "re-ordering" site will be operational and allow customers to go from 10 minutes per order to less than 2 minutes with all the built-in accuracy and privacy requested. It will handle multiple department re-ordering with a focus of controlling costs and the introduction of "premium alternative products".

We will be officially introducing our "Print To Provide" (P2P) program so your cost to print will do much more.

The very first change you will notice is the company identity mark. Our new logo symbolizes the company's commitment to change. Going forward you will see it on all future confirmation messages, invoices, web pages and everywhere Priceless has a presence we will proudly display our new mark. We hope you like it as much as we do.

will become this:

Our Management is committed to change that will bring a "Priceless Relationship" to all our valuable clients.

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