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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ricoh Named as Leader in Magic Quadrant for MFPs and Printers

Ricog Copier & Printer Cartridges Ricoh Americas Corporation announced that Gartner placed Ricoh as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for multifunction products (MFPs) and printers worldwide. Gartner's Magic Quadrant serves as a guide for midsize to large organizations to identify and evaluate technology providers that can match their global footprint, become their partners in helping them reduce costs and gain control of their printer fleets and help them reduce the environmental impact of the organization's print environment.

According to Gartner, "Leaders are the most capable in providing MFPs (including SMFPs), printers and the associated printing solutions and services, regardless of customer location. Providers in the Leaders quadrant offer the most extensive product portfolio relative to their peers, and they have the broad channel capability to deliver the products to customers where they want to procure them. Thus, Leaders hold consistently high market share worldwide and are capable of delivering consistent service levels in the regions where Gartner customers are located. Leaders tend to have the deepest global capability and the inventiveness and resources, skills and vision to deliver superior levels of support to existing and future customers globally. Leaders have a proven track record of channeling R&D initiatives into products and solutions that customers need."

Ricoh offers a complete line of network-capable MFPs and printers that print in black and white, color, or both. Ricoh multifunction products offer scanning, fax and copier options as well as advanced finishing capabilities. From small offices to centralized production printing environments, Ricoh MFPs and printers can help customers be more efficient and enhance productivity.

"We believe Ricoh's recognition by Gartner as a Leader in the 2011 MFP Magic Quadrant continues to affirm not only the strength of our products but our genuine commitment to customers and partners around the globe who share our vision," said Shun Sato, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. "We are also very proud to be recognized for our environmental track record which is so vital to sustaining our world as well as our ability to provide the global services needed to satisfy our customers."

Original source: Ricoh Named as Leader in Magic Quadrant for MFPs and Printers

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Canon Ranks Among Top 100 Global Brands For 2011

Canon Printer Cartridges For the eleventh consecutive year, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, announced its parent company, Canon Inc., has been ranked among the top 50 of the 100 Best Global Brands for 2011 by Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy. The Company, which placed 33 for the third year running and enjoyed a two-percent increase in brand value from 2010, is ranked as one of the top electronics manufacturers and the number three overall Japanese company on the list.

"This prestigious distinction reaffirms Canon's position as an innovative industry leader, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our customers throughout the world," said Bunji Yano, senior director and general manager, Corporate Communications, Canon U.S.A. "The Canon brand is recognized for its rich 70+ year heritage of delivering rich technology while continuing to strive to be an environmentally conscious organization."

According to Interbrand, "Canon continues its leadership position in the consumer digital camera market with a stable of innovative products and a loyal customer base. In a fiercely contested category, the brand is setting itself apart from the pack through its devotion to corporate citizenship." The consultancy also recognized Canon for its environmental sustainability initiatives and product recycling programs, as guided by the Company's corporate philosophy of Kyosei.

Interbrand's ranking method looks at the ongoing investment and management of a brand as a business asset, meaning its method takes into account the many ways in which a brand touches and benefits its organization. The three key aspects that contribute to the brand assessment are: the financial performance of the branded products or services; the role of the brand in a consumers' purchasing decision process; and the strength of the brand.

Original source: Canon Ranks Among Top 100 Global Brands For 2011

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Monday, October 17, 2011

GreenPrint Advisor Moves Print Jobs to More Cost-Effective Printers

GreenPrint Technologies LLC is introducing a public beta version of GreenPrint Advisor software that helps users redirect print jobs from costly or inefficient printers to more cost-effective ones. GreenPrint, which is headquartered in Portland, OR, and also has an office in Bangalore, India, makes software that enable enterprises to measure, manage, and reduce their overall print volumes and costs.

Advisor is designed for use with GreenPrint Analytics software. GreenPrint Analytics is used to track print volumes and print costs. Cost per page data for the enterprise’s print fleet is imported into Advisor from Analytics’ administrative console, and allows administrators to group printers into Green, Yellow, and Red categories based on the printer's cost and efficiency attributes.

GreenPrint Advisor Preview Whenever a user sends a print job, Advisor pops up with a message showing a more cost-effective or efficient alternative and shows the savings possible if the job is transferred to the green printer. The user can opt to print with the green printer, or can continue printing to their inititally selected printer.

GreenPrint Technologies also says Advisor can identify locally connected printers not on the network and not easily detectable by administrators.

GreenPrint also markets GreenPrint preView+ software, which helps users eliminate unnecessary pages, images, and text—such as a URL printed on the last page of a document downloaded from the Web—and print selected pages in grayscale, not color. It also shows print costs for each job (cost data is provided by GreenPrint Analytics), and provides detailed individual print reports that track costs and savings over time.

For more information, visit GreenPrint at

Original source: GreenPrint Advisor Designed to Move Print Jobs to More Cost-Effective Printers

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Artefact Unveils “Radically Simple” Ink-Jet Concept Printer

Inkjet printer cartridges Design group Artefact of Seattle, WA, introduced what it’s calling a “radically simple” color ink-jet printer, the See What You Print (SWYP) concept printer that provides a 1:1 editable preview of your print job on a large color touch screen. Using the touch screen, you can crop and adjust margins using your fingers – for instance, “pinch” the image to zoom in on it - and the touch screen is calibrated to show the effects of adjusting color image quality. The result, says Artefact, is that the touch screen displays nearly exactly how printed output will appear.

Artefact says it designed the SWYP concept printer to make it as easy as possible to get printouts from multiple sources, including wirelessly direct from digital cameras, mobile devices, and directly from Facebook photo streams and Flickr.

The overall design focus was “a printer as a box” (it’s about the size of a ream of paper) and providing essentials only, with easy access to the paper tray and ink cartridges. The the paper tray is covered in fabric, relying on the fabric’s material properties to create a hinge; when unfolded, it becomes a rigid tray, and it folds to stow on top of the printer. There’s also no power button. Instead, closing the paper tray shuts down the printer, while opening the paper tray turns it on.

Artefact won’t be manufacturing the printer – it says basically this concept printer was an exercise to show show how to innovate in very mature markets, “By re-thinking the product and focusing on core issues it is possible to revitalize a product that has lost its consumer appeal.”

Original source: Artefact Unveils “Radically Simple” Ink-Jet Concept Printer

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