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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sir Speedy of Nashville Selects Konica Minolta"s bizhub PRO Digital Press to Deliver Unmatched Performance

Konica Minolta Printer Cartridges Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop have announced that the Sir Speedy of Nashville, Tenn. (Sir Speedy) has chosen Konica Minolta’s award-winning bizhub PRO® 1200 Monochrome Digital Press, which is providing its customers the perfect balance of price and performance while allowing them to successfully and cost-effectively grow their businesses regardless of the turbulent economy.

Personalized Campaigns Across Verticals

With the addition of the bizhub PRO 1200 system, Sir Speedy is delivering turn-key, customized campaigns to its customers through services such as creative design, variable data printing (VDP), data management and direct marketing response metrics. In addition, Sir Speedy is enhancing its ability to personalize products such as manuals and training booklets in several important vertical markets including Manufacturing, Utilities, High-Technology and Government. Sir Speedy selected Konica Minolta from among multiple solutions due to its ability to balance high-quality digital imaging with an excellent price point. In addition, Sir Speedy did not have to incur the cost of additional software while increasing output rip speed and solution flexibility.

“Our challenge was to maintain high quality digital imaging with a capital expense that allowed competitive pricing for our clients,” said Charlie Brown, President and Owner, Sir Speedy Nashville. ”With the bizhub PRO 1200, we have been able to reduce digital monochrome expenses by 27 percent without any impact on quality or productivity while helping our customers grow their businesses, which is the ultimate sign of success.”

bizhub PRO 1200

With the addition of the bizhub PRO 1200, Sir Speedy has been able to reduce digital monochrome expenses without any impact on quality or productivity. Designed exclusively for production print professionals, the bizhub PRO 1200 (printer, copier, scanner) and 1200P (printer) has become the go-to digital press for customers. It features new LED exposure technology for superior imaging at 1,200 DPI resolution and can output up to 3 million pages per month.

“We are always happy to help customers reduce their costs without having to make any tradeoffs in output quality,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. “Doing so while also growing their business opportunities is another reason for customers to feel comfortable counting on Konica Minolta for their full range of digital printing needs.”

Original source: Sir Speedy of Nashville Selects Konica Minolta"s bizhub PRO Digital Press to Deliver Unmatched Performance

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharp adds two new monochrome laser multifuncion products to complete its hi-speed workgroup engine lineup

Sharp Printer Cartridges Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) introduced the new MX-M623N and MX-M623U monochrome hi-speed document systems to its extensive lineup of multifunction products (MFPs). These new higher-volume MFPs are designed to help businesses maximize their document workflow efficiency while providing outstanding performance and ease-of-use. The MX-M623 models follow the recently introduced MX-M753, another model in Sharp’s hi-speed monochrome MFP lineup released this past Spring.

Engineered to increase workflow productivity, the MX-M623 and MX-M753 devices come with an 8.5-inch high-resolution touch-screen color display and a powerful 800 MHz multi-tasking controller that processes complex jobs quickly, even while documents are being scanned. Moreover, the MFPs produce copy/print speeds of 62 and 75 pages per minute (ppm) respectively, while feeding up to 110 lb index stock through the paper trays, providing power and reliability to handle professional-level printing needs.

The customizable Home Screen and My Menu simplify use by bringing access to Sharp OSA® applications and commonly-used features to the forefront of the display for one-touch operation. The MX-M623N and MX-M753N also offer a standard retractable keyboard, simplifying jobs that require repetitive data entry tasks such as email-distribution, archiving or scanning to a document management application, while also enabling quick interaction with network applications.

“Customers in high end workgroup markets need easy-to-use machines that can handle large and complex jobs quickly, while also maintaining a high level of efficiency and a low cost of ownership,“ said Mike Marusic, vice president, Marketing, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “The high-performance engine, customizable functions and seamless integration of the OSA 3.5 development platform enable users to set up the devices in a way that meet their own personal business needs. Adding these new models to Sharp’s high-volume MFP lineup gives customers a number of different options to choose from that do just that.”

Designed for Exceptional Performance and Reliability
Featuring an 800 MHz true multi-tasking controller that delivers copy, print and fax jobs continuously and can also process network scanning jobs while existing jobs are output, the MX-M623N and MX-M753N models are extremely versatile. These MFPs are manufactured with Sharp second generation micro-fine toner technology, which provides more uniform image coverage and a lower consumption rate than conventional toners, resulting in crisp, high-quality output that is also economical.

These new models feature an available on-line paper capacity of up to 6,600 sheets; and a 150-sheet duplex single pass document feeder with color Scan2™ technology standard. Sharp’s award-winning Scan2 technology enables users to scan two-sided documents in a single pass, speeding up workflow, reducing misfeeds and improving reliability.

A New Standard for Ease-of-Use
The MX-M623N and MX-M753N models offer a standard, retractable keyboard that is designed to streamline data entry and simplify e-mail address and subject line entries. This sturdy keyboard offers users a familiar, ergonomic interface and makes these models convenient portals to the network, saving time on jobs that may require user authentication or include repetitive scanning and archiving of documents.

The brilliant 8.5" high-resolution touch-screen color display offers intuitive menu navigation with razor-sharp graphics that makes operation simple. Coupled with Sharp’s easy-to-use Document Filing System, users can store and quickly recall frequently used files such as forms and reports. Intuitive, graphics-driven displays make it easy to search for saved documents via thumbnail images rather than file names. An advanced Image Check feature even allows files to be previewed on-screen for verification.

The Sharp MX-M623 and MX-M753 document systems also feature the latest version of the Sharp OSA development platform. With the standard application communication module and external accounting module, the new MX Monochrome Series becomes the gateway to providing fast, flexible access to documents and network applications. Sharp OSA technology leverages the high-resolution display of these new Sharp MFP models to enable customized user interfaces that support richer graphics, web-based HTML, JAVA and Flash clips for the integration of motion video. Sharp OSA technology also features Open USB capability, allowing developers to provide a broader range of access control, such as the ability to log in via a card swipe and the ability to authenticate via Chip/Smart Card (CCID).

Unparalleled Device Management Capabilities
These new models also include the new Sharp printer administration utility (PAU version 5.0), which incorporates a Remote Front Panel feature that allows an IT administrator to remotely take control of the device’s front panel and see exactly what the end user is seeing. The IT administrator can remotely change settings, show the user how to perform a function, or diagnose and often rectify problems without deploying a technician.

The capabilities of PAU version 5.0 are fully integrated into Sharp’s intelligent Device Management (iDVM), which for the dealer can transform many service support functions from an onsite task to a remote task, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability, as well as reduced costs. Developed and marketed with MWA Intelligence (MWAi), a leading provider of M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions and tools, iDVM also enables the dealer to automate meter read collection and integrate the data into their ERP system providing an enhanced, streamlined billing process. It will also allow service providers to remotely access service logs, receive real-time service alerts and consumable levels notification, update firmware, and clone device settings, dramatically improving user uptimes and service support levels.

Supporting the Newest Security Standards
With Sharp’s latest award-winning, multi-level document and network security suite, customers can be assured that their information is secure. These models meet the new IEEE-2600™-2008 security standard for MFPs as well as offer advanced, web-based device management for administrator level and user level login control. Sharp also offers an optional data security kit that encrypts document data using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) methodology. This same kit also erases temporary memory on the hard drive by overwriting the encrypted data up to seven times.

Sharp Best of Breed Engineering
The MX-M623 and MX-M753 are the result of Sharp’s unique approach to designing and building office products. The company employs a global product development process in which management, business development, R&D, product development, marketing, manufacturing, training and customer service teams all work collaboratively during each stage of the product development process. This gives Sharp a 360-degree view of the MFP market, allowing the company to form a common platform strategy in which the core components of its product line are designed, developed and manufactured together. Components, software and processes are engineered to be shared across engine platforms, making Sharp’s products “look and act” similarly across virtually all segments of the market. The culmination of this approach is a line of award winning products universally praised for exceptional reliability and superior performance.

The MX-M623 and MX-M753 will be available exclusively via authorized Sharp dealers and direct sales. For more information about the complete line of Sharp document solution products, contact Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07495-1163, or call 800-BE-SHARP.


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Monday, August 02, 2010

Toner Cartridges - OEM, Compatible or Remanufactured?

Laser printer If you own a laser printer, you have already taken a step in the right direction towards lower cost printing. Laser printers consistently produce prints at the lowest cost per page in the market. However, what you might not know is that laser printers can work with OEM brand toners as well as compatible and re-manufactured toners. But which one is best for YOU?

Laser Toner Cartridge Definitions:
* OEM Cartridge - An OEM cartridge is one made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM. If you own a Hewlett Packard / HP laser toner printer, then the Hewlett-Packard brand is the OEM cartridge for your printer.
* Compatible Toner Cartridge - A compatible toner cartridge is made by a 3rd party manufacturer and is made up of all new compatible parts. It is similar in quality to a OEM cartridge.
* Remanufactured Toner Cartridge - A remanufactured toner cartridge is when a remanufacturer takes an original oem cartridge, disassembles it, tests and replaces any worn parts, fills it with toner and re-assembles.

There are many different levels and qualities of remanufactured toner cartridges and the terms compatible and remanufactured are often mistakenly interchanged. Some manufacturers will replace a few parts and call it compatible. Some manufacturers will drill a hole fill it with toner and call it remanufactured. Just be sure to purchase your toner cartridges from a reputable dealer that has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Advantages of Buying OEM Toner Cartridges

OEM Toners are manufactured to the highest level of precision. These toners are ideal for providing the best print quality. They have a lower fail rate and have a lower probability of leaking toner in your printer. Printer manufacturers recommend that you use their toner cartridges and claim that the printer functions will be affected by other toner cartridges. They also claim the life of the laser printer is shortened by usage of unbranded toner cartridges. If your projects demand the absolute highest quality prints you should break out your pocketbook and spring for the OEM brand toner cartridges.

Disadvantages of Buying OEM Toner

The main disadvantage of buying OEM branded toner cartridges is the high cost.While they are economical because the cost per page is low, purchasing an OEM toner might cost you anywhere from $75 - $300. The initial cost of laser printers has come down but printer makers make up their low inital profit by in the cost of consumables, mainly toner and paper.
Another problem with OEM toner cartridges is the fact that we live in an Eco conscious world and discarding toner cartridges which are not biodegradable is an environmental hazard. Buying a remanufactured toner is more enviornmentally friendly.

Compatible and Remanufactured Cartridges - The Advantages

The biggest advantage of using compatible toner cartridges is they are low cost consumables. Compatible and Remanufactured toner cartridges are available for laser printers and give good quality printing at a lower cost often half the cost of the branded cartridge.
These recycled cartridges are eco friendly and do not render the non biodegradable cartridges useless. They are easily available online and there are online trade portals that specifically sell compatible toner cartridges.
All reputable online stores offer guarantees and warranties. There are compatible toner cartridges for most brands of laser printers and give good value for money. Print quality of both compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges is right up there just under the OEM brand toners.

Compatible and Remanufactured Cartridges - The Disadvantages

One of the major disadvantage of compatible and re-manufactured toner cartridges is quality control during the manufacturing processes. These cartridges are easy to re-manufacture and can be done in your own garage. When buying them online from an auction site or a less than reputable dealer, you never really know what you're going to get. Was the cartridge completely re-manufactured, or did they just "drill and fill" it? This disadvantage can be overcome buy buying from a reputable online store with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So what do I choose?

The choice is yours. If you demand the highest quality 100% of the time, and it is within your budget, then by all means, purchase the OEM Toner cartridges for your printer.
However if replacing the toner cartridge with a compatible or remanufactured cartridge is more budget friendly, then feel confident that you can get nearly the same quailty, do something good for the environment and save a little money at the same time. OEM Brands are grand, but buying toner cartridges that are cheap doesn't have to make you weep. Go Green and save some Green.

Original source: Toner Cartridges - OEM, Compatible or Remanufactured?

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