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Friday, October 25, 2013

HP Intends to Enter the 3D Printer Market

HP Printer Cartridges
CEO Meg Whitman announced Hewlett Packard / HP aims to enter the 3D printer market in mid-2014.

The Register reported on Whitman's announcement to the Canalys Channels Forum in Bangkok that HP intends to enter the 3D printer market next year; with the OEM looking to develop technology that will make the 3D printing process faster and cheaper, as Whitman pointed out that "to print a bottle can take eight to 10 hours. That's all very interesting, but it is like watching ice melt".

HP will focus on providing 3D printing technology for service providers "to help them establish 3D printing bureaux", but it is yet unclear what form HP's 3D printing products will take.

"We are excited about 3D printing," said Whitman said. "We want to lead this business. HP labs is looking at it."

She added that "3D printing is in its infancy" but said that "it is a big opportunity and we are all over it. We will have something by the middle of next year".

While Whitman said that 3D printing is not expected to become a big business very quickly, she explained that "these businesses go along, get a little traction, go along, get a little more traction, then hit the knee of the curve", although she admitted that hitting the "knee of the curve" could take around three years.

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Source: HP to enter 3D printer market

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