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Friday, November 20, 2015

OEM Ink & Toner in Top Shopping Rip-Offs

Canon OEM Printer Cartridges
An article covering "the biggest rip-offs and mark-ups" names original printer supplies, and recommends using "remanufactured and compatible ink & toner cartridges" or refills instead.

The article, from UK internet and telecoms company BT, refers to a recent British television program "The Shopper's Guide to Saving", which looked at the high cost of ink and also investigated the quality of remanufactured cartridges. It adds that "an everage branded printer ink 5ml cartridge" can cost between $12 and $22 "to buy in the shops, but costs less than $0.76 to make".

BT notes in turn that the reason for this "is manufacturers use printer ink to help recoup the cost of the expensive technology in our actual printers, which are generally quite affordable", with cartridges just one purchase that "many of us pay a premium for". Products that are also "slickly marketed and branded" are often bought "when there are much cheaper alternatives available".

The article then adds that "one way to save on the high cost of printer ink" is to "recycle your old cartridges" and "buy refurbished replacements", which it notes are "refilled with ink and cost up to 40% less than buying a brand new replacement". Also, customers are recommended to "alternatively" shop for "non-branded replacement inks, which are also just as good".

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Source: OEM cartridges one of “biggest shopping rip-offs"


Cartridgeonline said...

I have Canon MAXIFY MB205 printer. the cartridge recently ran out by ink. so how can i refill the cartridge. Is there any online or real store selling and installing this?

picink said...

Well, that is a Euro Model. We currently sell printer supplies only in US. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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