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Monday, October 17, 2011

GreenPrint Advisor Moves Print Jobs to More Cost-Effective Printers

GreenPrint Technologies LLC is introducing a public beta version of GreenPrint Advisor software that helps users redirect print jobs from costly or inefficient printers to more cost-effective ones. GreenPrint, which is headquartered in Portland, OR, and also has an office in Bangalore, India, makes software that enable enterprises to measure, manage, and reduce their overall print volumes and costs.

Advisor is designed for use with GreenPrint Analytics software. GreenPrint Analytics is used to track print volumes and print costs. Cost per page data for the enterprise’s print fleet is imported into Advisor from Analytics’ administrative console, and allows administrators to group printers into Green, Yellow, and Red categories based on the printer's cost and efficiency attributes.

GreenPrint Advisor Preview Whenever a user sends a print job, Advisor pops up with a message showing a more cost-effective or efficient alternative and shows the savings possible if the job is transferred to the green printer. The user can opt to print with the green printer, or can continue printing to their inititally selected printer.

GreenPrint Technologies also says Advisor can identify locally connected printers not on the network and not easily detectable by administrators.

GreenPrint also markets GreenPrint preView+ software, which helps users eliminate unnecessary pages, images, and text—such as a URL printed on the last page of a document downloaded from the Web—and print selected pages in grayscale, not color. It also shows print costs for each job (cost data is provided by GreenPrint Analytics), and provides detailed individual print reports that track costs and savings over time.

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Original source: GreenPrint Advisor Designed to Move Print Jobs to More Cost-Effective Printers

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