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Monday, October 10, 2011

Artefact Unveils “Radically Simple” Ink-Jet Concept Printer

Inkjet printer cartridges Design group Artefact of Seattle, WA, introduced what it’s calling a “radically simple” color ink-jet printer, the See What You Print (SWYP) concept printer that provides a 1:1 editable preview of your print job on a large color touch screen. Using the touch screen, you can crop and adjust margins using your fingers – for instance, “pinch” the image to zoom in on it - and the touch screen is calibrated to show the effects of adjusting color image quality. The result, says Artefact, is that the touch screen displays nearly exactly how printed output will appear.

Artefact says it designed the SWYP concept printer to make it as easy as possible to get printouts from multiple sources, including wirelessly direct from digital cameras, mobile devices, and directly from Facebook photo streams and Flickr.

The overall design focus was “a printer as a box” (it’s about the size of a ream of paper) and providing essentials only, with easy access to the paper tray and ink cartridges. The the paper tray is covered in fabric, relying on the fabric’s material properties to create a hinge; when unfolded, it becomes a rigid tray, and it folds to stow on top of the printer. There’s also no power button. Instead, closing the paper tray shuts down the printer, while opening the paper tray turns it on.

Artefact won’t be manufacturing the printer – it says basically this concept printer was an exercise to show show how to innovate in very mature markets, “By re-thinking the product and focusing on core issues it is possible to revitalize a product that has lost its consumer appeal.”

Original source: Artefact Unveils “Radically Simple” Ink-Jet Concept Printer

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