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Monday, October 08, 2012

Wide Format Printing (at a glance)

According to SGIA's (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association) 2012 Market Trends and Product Specialties Benchmarking Report, digital imaging technology is the dominant technology for the graphics and sign community. Close to 70% of respondents indicated that they are exclusively digital or, are primarily digital printers.

Wide format technology has advanced in terms of quality, speed and applications because of increasing competition among OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for their share of the rapidly growing Display Graphics market. Banners, posters and signs remain the leading large format applications, with photography gaining an increasing share. Drawings, proofs, flags and textiles are showing declines, with other applications remaining relatively stable. Quality, price and speed are the three key drivers for selection of a signage and display graphics print provider. Customers are more familiar with digital technology due to the proliferation of vehicle wraps and outdoor banners and are demanding higher quality output.

The key to providing the highest quality output at a competitive price is to use ColorMatch ink that eliminates any need to re-profile the equipment. Labor is a major cost component and re-profiling will cost more than any nominal "savings" from inferior ink. Sign shops, fine art printers and major equipment distributors use ColorMatch ink because its performance is true to its name.

One hundred percent of Priceless Ink & Toner cartridges undergo Quality Assurance testing that virtually eliminates "read errors" upon cartridge installation. A technical service specialist recently reported that he has experienced a significant increase in "read errors" among a major OEM’s ink cartridges which is likely due to a decrease in their QA sampling. Every ColorMatch wide format ink cartridge is machine installed twice to confirm chip function prior to packaging. Adhesion, image permanence, cure times are also significant factors to consider when purchasing wide format ink.

ColorMatch inks bought from our web store are fully guaranteed to be compatible with and provide performance equal to the equivalent OEM ink.

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