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Monday, November 22, 2010

Epson Offers Tips for Printing Memorable Large Format Photos as One-of-a-Kind Holiday Gifts

Epson Printer Cartridges Few gifts touch the heart like an oversized photo of loved ones, close friends, or special places and events. And with tens of millions of digital SLR and high megapixel point-and-shoot cameras in homes across the world, more people than ever can consider giving one-of-a-kind, truly personal gifts this holiday season.

Printing large format photos – bigger than 8”x10” – is no longer just the domain of the professional photographer, as professional caliber printers like the Epson Stylus Photo R1900 wide-format printer are becoming increasingly popular with the average digital photography hobbyist. Epson R1900 delivers vibrant photos up to 13-inches wide and 44-inches long, and offers the highest level of media versatility of any printer in its class.

“Giving one of your photos in the form of a large format print with stunning image quality that will last for decades is as unique and personal a gift as there is,” said Richard Day, product manager, Epson America. “In addition, if there’s someone special on your holiday gift list who’s already invested in a DSLR, chances are a new high-quality large format photo printer is already at the top of their wish list.”

If you are new to large format photo printing, Epson suggests you keep the following tips in mind to ensure the best possible output:
* Digital Image Size: In order to get a high quality enlargement, make sure your file is your final print size with at least 180 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution (300-360 ppi is ideal). For example, if you want to print an 11” x 14” picture at 180 ppi, you will need a file that is 1980 x 2520 pixels or five megapixels. It’s important not to resample the image to make it bigger as you will get a blurry or pixilated image.
* Color: It’s easy to get caught up in complex color adjustments, when all you want is a beautiful print. One of the best ways to get a great looking print from the Epson R1900 is to use one of the Advanced color modes. In the printer driver’s “Advanced” tab, try changing the “Epson Standard” setting to “Adobe RGB” mode for more vibrant and colorful output.
* Media Type: Using Genuine Epson papers, such as Signature Worthy fine art papers can add sophistication and depth to your images.
* Framing & Matting: When you’re getting a print professionally framed, make sure the print has had at least a day to cure prior to framing for maximum durability. In addition, printing with at least a half-inch to an inch margin around the edges gives the framer space to work with and leaves the entire image intact. Providing two prints also gives your framer a safety net for anything unexpected that may happen during the matting and framing process.
* Creativity: Using more than one media type for your print is a great way to make a one-of-a-kind keepsake. For example, try printing a background on canvas, starting with a group photograph and have it framed without glass. Then add on layers of cropped glossy photos and other embellishments for a true memento.

Original source: Epson Offers Tips for Printing Memorable Large Format Photos as One-of-a-Kind Holiday Gifts

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