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Monday, January 05, 2015

PC World: "Use third-party ink at your own risk"

Third-party ink
A customer is using non-HP, third-party ink in their HP printer. "My printing is interrupted by warnings and urging to buy their ink." Should they switch to the safer but more expensive HP option?

Few items in this world are as pricey as printer ink. You can easily spend $20 or more for a small cartridge of colored liquid, whose chemical content and actual cost are closely guarded secrets.

There are other options, but they can be scary, as PC World found when they tried several options in their real-world "Portrait of a Serial Refiller" series a few years back.

Companies like HP and Brother run a very profitable business selling their printers, sometimes at a loss, just so you can buy the ink they sell for them. It is in these companies' interests to discourage you from trying a third-party alternative. They design their printers and cartridges to make using third-party ink (which is sometimes made by refilling old cartridges) an uncomfortable experience.

That is why you can get annoyances such as the (otherwise harmless) warnings described by the reader. Another common problem: With third-party cartridges, you may not be warned about low ink until your printer stops printing a particular color.

What is more, some third-party ink is not well made. There is yet to hear of a case where ink actually ruined a printer, but there are cases about it ruining a carpet. And there sis a lot about leaking or empty cartridges, as well as inks prone to smudging.

So if you are going to try third-party ink, buy from a company with a good reputation, and be aware of the risks. Most likely, you will have some annoyances, but no disasters.

Some inkjets are surprisingly affordable
To be fair, inkjet printers are n0t the guaranteed money pit they used to be. PC World have done the math, and small-office inkjets available now are faster and cheaper to operate than comparable color laser models. Many consumer inkjets are also affordable. You just need to do your homework on the ink costs before you buy.

Why not go for a plain and simple monochrome laser printer? You could, but the lowest-cost laser printers are slower and no cheaper to operate than comparable inkjets. You could, however, use the laser for basic prints and use the inkjet only for projects where color is required.

Source: Priceless Ink & Toner Blog

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