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Monday, February 24, 2014

Paperless office -- far from reality

IT Web reported on DCC's OKI Product Specialist Heinrich Pretorius, who spoke with the news outlet to discuss how the paperless office is "far from a reality", despite the growing global trend "towards reducing printing in order to become more environmentally friendly and work towards a lower carbon footprint".

Pretorius stated that there are still many "essential documents" as well as contracts and business cards that still need to be physically printed, adding that "the printer remains a vital piece of office equipment", and that companies wishing to be environmentally conscious can utilize eco-friendly printer features such as duplexing and high-yield printer cartridges, as well as power saving modes.

He also told the site that people "purchasing a printer based on pricing alone and not workload requirements" can experience "premature failure of the printer", with printing volumes overlooked in favor of "focusing on the cost alone", when businesses can save money instead of "far exceeding the initial savings" on a cheaper machine.

Pretorius commented: "Choosing a business printer requires careful consideration and a number of areas should be examined to ensure maximum value, productivity and efficiency. Choosing the right printer requires an understanding of business needs and requirements. The first and foremost consideration is the volume of printing."

"If high print volumes are required, it is essential to purchase a printer that can cope with this need. A good way of gauging this is to look at the duty cycle of the printer, which gives an indication of the volumes the printer can handle on a monthly basis. Workhorse printers can often handle up to 200,000 pages per month, which will ensure the printer does not fail due to overuse."

He added: "Print speeds are also important since large documents can take a long time to print at low speeds. Enterprise-class printers can offer time to first print at five seconds, as well as up to 52 ppm, ensuring that large volumes of documents can be printed quickly and efficiently. It is important to have encryption functionality as well as secure networking."

"In addition, PIN codes to release print jobs can ensure that unauthorized personnel cannot simply walk past the printer and pick up documents that are not theirs."

Pretorius concluded by noting that all these factors must be taken into account when purchasing devices, and that they are still vital: "Printers are an essential piece of office equipment in many businesses, and need to fit the business and its requirements if they are to deliver value. By taking into account print volumes, print speeds, networking, security and the features of the printer, organizations can ensure they purchase the right device for their needs, increasing value and lowering the total cost of ownership while maximizing productivity and efficiency."

Source: Paperless office "far from reality"

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