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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Recyclable Printers by Samsung

Samsung just introduced 3 conceptual model printers -- Origami, Clip and Mate. They are made from recyclable materials which helps reducing plastic material usage, protecting the environment and reducing the package box materials which are being thrown away after opening the package. Printers' manufacturing process is simplified to reduce the printers' costs.

The 3 printer models received gold medals at the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) exhibition this year.

Samsung Origami is a recyclable personal mono printer, designed for eco-conscious. Its exterior is made of 100% recyclable paper while still ensuring the high level of durability. The model name was inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding which turns a cardboard box into the printer's body. In addition, at the end of the printer's life, its material can by recycled to produce more paper for printing. This eco-friendly circulation is Origami's key concept. However, Samsung state the Origami's batch production is highly unlikely.

Samsung Clip's body resembles the Origami body but it was made of compressed polyethylene plastic. The printer assembling process is very simple with no need of any technical knowledge or assembling tools. One can simply fold and snap the shell together. The Clip' batch production more is likely after clearing some technical problems.

Samsung Mate allows users to easily personalize the printer based on their desired color combination and mood. The exterior printer housing is composed off different-sized modular panels available in a variety of colors. The modular panels are assembled and integrated with the internal engine unit using a sliding method, removing the need of screws and frustrating, time-consuming assembly work.

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