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Monday, May 13, 2013

Say 'No' to the New Internet Sales Tax!

Say 'No' to the New Internet Sales Tax
Please take a few minutes to read the message below, because "What's in your Wallet depends on it". To Play Fair and Pay Your Share of the New Internet Sales Tax! Sold to the uninformed American Tax Payer as the "Marketplace Fairness Act" of 2013.
Why YES, while the snow was melting and Americans were busy with Spring cleaning and planning a wonderful Summer Vacation, our Boys (Harry and The Internet Tax Tag Team) were busy conspiring to stick their cruddy little hands into your pockets. True they haven't done much work on creating a workable Budget and finding ways to eliminate Billions in Government Waste programs (the robotic squirrel is still getting his millions in funding) but they quickly jumped on their "Mega-Retail Protection Act" because they knew nobody was watching.
Friends, family members, customers, hard working Americans, you just can't sit back this time and take on the chin!
You need to write or call your Representative today and tell them that this is the wrong thing to do. We as Americans are truly "Over Taxed" and under represented. Washington and the States need to clean up their own wasteful spending.
There is no "Fairness in this Taxing Bill" and will result in small businesses closing, less employment, less competition and less consumer spending.

This Tax Bill is the Brain Child of Wal-Mart and the other Mega Box Stores, who would like to destroy their online retail competition and the end result will be ... You the American Consumer will pay higher Online Pricing, along with a New Sales Tax that may end up being as much as 10%. Wal-Mart and the other Mega-Retailers will make more money and invest in growing their businesses overseas. Is that the "Fairness" that Senator Reid speaks about or is it a matter of Campaign contributions and more Crony Capitalism?
Believe me, Staples would love to see companies, such as "Priceless Ink" simply go away.
Please take 5 minutes of your valuable time to send a similar message to your Congressman/Congresswomen.
You can locate their email address at this Government website:
You may copy and paste the following message or write your own personal message, if you chose:

Dear Congressman (Congresswomen) .............................,

As a voting Constitute in your District, I would ask you not to support the "Marketplace Fairness Act" or whatever they call it, because it is neither fair or necessary. As it is "We The People" are taxed and over burden with new Government Regulations in our lives. We prefer that Congress and the State work on cleaning up the waste and fraud which, already has been out of control for many years. The lame excuse that this "Tax Act" is required for companies such as Wal-Mart and other nationwide retailers to have fairness in the Marketplace is truly a lame reason to impose new taxes on the Citizens of our State and our shopping preferences.

We ask you support the Citizens of our State and local Community and "Just Say No" to any new Tax scheme.

We certainly will watch who votes with the People and who will vote with Wal-Mart and The Tax Tag Team.

Every time a new Tax is paid, we'll remember.

Thank you
(You will be receiving a similar message from many of our friends and neighbors)

Download as Word document

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this important issue for the hard working tax payers.
Our Government was quick to bail out the Banks and now the Mega-Retailers want a similar favor.

Below are some links to interesting articles you can read or you may find a multitude of opinions online by searching Internet Sales Tax or Taxation without Representation.
As more Americans become informed and realize that this new Scheme is really a way for Uncle Sam to begin testing the waters for a new Nationwide "Value Added Tax" referred to in Europe as VAT.
THERE IS NO VALUE ADDED but you pay anywhere from 15% to 20% tax on commonly purchased goods.
Let's really stand our ground and unite the effort to stop this Internet Sales Tax.
For those that feel their State needs additional revenue they are free to mail in a check for all their Internet purchases and pay the Use Tax, which already exists.

Please forward this message to everyone that you know, who is concerned with paying a new tax!
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