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Monday, December 17, 2012

Erasable Ink Technology in Toshiba MFP

Toshiba Copier Cartridges
Visions & Trends has reported on the forthcoming release of Toshiba’s first MFP that can erase printed images and text, due for release in Japan from February 2013 with a worldwide launch planned shortly after.

The e-STUDIO 306LP MFP, combined with the e-STUDIO RD30, is described as able to "[remove] the toner color from the printed documents. The instantly erasable toner is a special toner whose color is removed by passing the paper through the RD30 [component] at high temperature".

Noting that each sheet of paper used five times over constitutes a 57% reduction in the device’s total CO2 emissions, the RD30 component is also able to arrange paper into reusable and non-reusable sheets.

Toshiba states that the reusable paper solution "opens a window to a new work style in the office environment by encouraging users to re-use paper through the new system".

Erasable ink technology

Toshiba has developed a unique toner that can be removed from ordinary paper for reuse, reports Geek.

The process utilizes a heated friction technique known as "FriXion Ball" which can remove the toner up to five times. The removal process is yet to be perfected, with very feint markings still visible on the paper although Geek states that "it’s good enough that further print outs are possible".

The printer is also capable of scanning and saving digital copies of pages before deleting the toner, and on detection of a sheet that can no longer be used, the page will be moved to a different tray.

Although the technology for reusable printer paper has previously been developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute called i2R e-paper, the technology is comparatively expensive, with each individual sheet of compatible paper costing $2.

Toshiba notes that the new printer and ink is set for release in late 2012. While the only toner color available initially will be blue, Toshiba plan for other colors. Geek speculates that a full color version may eventually be released and, more pertinently, with the toner making the erasing procedure possible, multiple printer manufacturers may produce compatible hardware.

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Source: Toshiba unveils erasable ink MFP

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