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Monday, March 12, 2012

Toshiba Partners With Adobe to Launch LeanPrint

Toshiba Printer and Copier CartridgesToshiba America Business Solutions Inc. announced a partnership with Adobe to launch Adobe LeanPrint, a desktop print optimization software that reduces paper and toner consumption by optimizing page layout. Using LeanPrint, organizations can achieve average savings of 40 percent when printing typical office documents.

Toshiba is Adobe’s first partner to go to market with LeanPrint and a key collaborator in its development. Starting immediately, a free 30-day trial version of LeanPrint is available for download at LeanPrint is also available for purchase at $99 per PC user or through an innovative subscription program at $36 per user per year and available to Toshiba’s customers via its channel partners.

“Like Adobe, Toshiba is focused on helping businesses print smarter. That’s why we joined forces to bring LeanPrint to market and why Toshiba is proud to be Adobe’s first technology partner for LeanPrint,” said Bill Melo, vice president of marketing, services & solutions, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. “Together, Toshiba and Adobe have pioneered a new science of printing less. Using LeanPrint, documents are more elegant, readable and shareable through intelligent technology that optimizes the content. In the end, LeanPrint promises to revolutionize the way we all print at home and in the office by saving time, money and ultimately the environment.”

“Adobe’s goal is to bring LeanPrint’s cost savings to as many businesses and individual customers as possible,” said Raman Nagpal, senior director and general manager, Print and Scan Business at Adobe. “We’re excited to join forces with Toshiba and work with customers who want to streamline workflows and increase efficiency in all printing jobs, large and small.”

Adobe LeanPrint Overview
Adobe LeanPrint is a revolutionary technology that changes the way individuals and businesses print documents in home and business environments. LeanPrint is a new printing technology that utilizes several patent-pending Adobe technologies to automatically tune the formatting, colors and layout of a document before it is printed.

Adobe LeanPrint offers a set of plugins for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and Internet Explorer and Firefox Web browsers. The plugins are installed inside the applications and enable an alternative print path using existing methods of printing. For every supported document file format, LeanPrint has an ideal print output. LeanPrint first displays a preview, so that users can see the final document prior to sending it to the printer.

LeanPrint analyzes document structure to create a print-optimized layout and prints documents in two modes: Super Saver and Toner Saver. In Super Saver mode LeanPrint saves both paper and toner while Toner Saver reduces ink and toner consumption. The user is also able to see real-time savings information via the LeanPrint status bar that tracks paper, toner and costs savings.

Using LeanPrint, documents are optimized for space and readability, not shrunk or placed in draft mode. Color charts and graphs are converted to black-and-white patterns to ensure readability. Text is laid out in newspaper-style columns to make better use of space and reduce page counts. Excel charts are reformatted to keep most graphs intact, and Web pages are cleanly printed without distracting, ink-intensive display ads.

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Original source: Toshiba Partners With Adobe to Launch LeanPrint

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