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Monday, August 01, 2011

New Service from Konica Minolta for Locking-Down bizhub MFP Hard Drives

Konica-Minolta Printer Cartridges Konica Minolta is introducing bizhub Secure Service for locking down its bizhub MFPs’ hard drives, so that unauthorized users can’t access temporary and stored information in the MFP’s internal hard drive. Secure Service is enabled by a Konica Minolta field engineer, and is available for purchase from Konica Minolta representatives. All bizhub MFPs are compatible with the service, which provides:

* Hard-Drive Encryption - The hard drive encryption setting is a 20-character alphanumeric key that encrypts the entire contents of the hard drive. This feature uses real-time 128-bit AES encryption algorithms and provides the highest level of protection if the hard drive is removed from a bizhub MFP and an unauthorized user attempts to extract its data.

* Hard-Drive Lock Password – Electronically locks password-protection to the hard drive via a 20-digit alphanumeric password. The password is applied directly to the BIOS of the hard drive, and prevents access to data stored in the hard drive. This also protects the hard drive from unauthorized access if it’s removed or switched to another bizhub MFP.

* Automatic Deletion of Temporary Image Data – With this feature, files stored in both private and public User Boxes in hard-drive memory are automatically deleted according to a pre-set schedule. Files stored in system boxes, such as a secure print box or encrypted Adobe PDF print box, can also be automatically deleted based on a pre-set schedule. The customer selects how long files remain in User Boxes before they are automatically deleted.

* Data Overwrite of Electronic Documents on a Timed Basis – Customers can also erase the temporary data recorded by the hard drive every time a job is processed by enabling Temporary Data Overwrite. This feature automatically overwrites each completed job, deleting it from the hard drive and leaving no trace of its data anywhere in the system. It uses either one-time overwrite or three-time overwrite in compliance with U.S. Department of Defense standards.

According to Konica Minolta, bizhub MFP security systems are independently certified to the ISO 15408 Data security standard established by the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, and the entire system architecture of the MFP is certified, not just particular components.

Original source: New Service from Konica Minolta for Locking-Down bizhub MFP Hard Drives

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