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Friday, April 03, 2009

The big guys are doing it again...

...raising their prices on many of their name brand cartridges. What they're not telling you is you no longer have to buy their brand!

Like generic medications there are many compatable cartridges to choose from. Knowledge is power and in this case its the power to choose! Choose to pay more, or choose to make the switch to compatables and pay less!

Below we have provided a list of the most recent increases.

Xerox - Effective 3/16/09 - Average Increase 7% -
Brother - Effective 4/1/09 - Average Increase 5% -
Oki - Effective 4/1/09 - Average Increase 5% -
Lexmark (Ink) - Effective 4/1/09 - Increases Range From 3 - 23% -
Canon - Effective 4/01/09 -below sku's - 3-8%
0615B009, 0615B013, 1033B005, 0628B009, 0617B016, 1509B007, 0621B016, 0620B010, 0620B015, 6881A039, 4705A037, 4705A018, 4705A026, 4479A292, 4479A271, 4479A230, 4480A263, 0954A370, 2973B004, 2945B004, 2946B004)

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