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Monday, November 10, 2014

New Inkjet Printers Print Onto Glass

Printing on glass
Wide-format OEM Durst has produced a machine that prints inkjet directly onto glass.

ProPrint reported on the release of the Rho Vetrocer wide-format glass printer from Durst, which was launched at the Glasstec 2014 event in October, and which was launched at the Glasstec 2014 event in October, and which applies ceramic ink "directly to the glass without the need for a pricey metal screen for each color". The machine is available in three models – the Basic, Presto and HS.

The news outlet stated that this machine is among a number that are "encroaching on one of the last remaining screen printing territories" by "binding ink directly to the glass at what proponents say is a lower cost". Durst meanwhile noted that the machine "will make printed decorative glass more affordable for printers looking for extra revenue streams".

The aforementioned screen printing process, which is usually used for glass printing, requires each color to be printed onto glass followed by "drying or baking before the next is applied", and, "runs the risk of the second or third colors printing out of register due to a change in the material after tempering".

In contrast, the Vetrocer "binds the ink to the glass permanently" through a baking process "inside an external oven" at temperatures between 680 and 700°C – this means the ink "becomes part of the glass", and Durst states that it is capable of small to large volume jobs "without the need to replace templates", though a washing and drying unit is required to "clean out dust, grease, fingerprints, zinc and packaging".

Widths of 2,500 millimetres are supported, with a 3,300 millimetres version being worked on, and print resolution of 80 dpi is available. Mirrored printheads are used "to prevent color shifts and banding", and the three models – Basic, Presto and HS – feature speeds of 25 square-metresan hour, 55 sqm an hour and 105 sqm an hour, while transport belts, a baking oven and a loading and swivelling table are also available from Durst "to create a full line".

The news site commented that "the technology will open creative opportunities for architects and designers as well as commercial printers – who have the printing know-how, Photoshop and color management skills to capitalize on a market that is growing in Europe, and is likely to hit Australia in the near future".

Source: The Recycler

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