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Monday, December 14, 2009

Reducing your printer's cost per page

"Cartridge yield: 2,000 pages at 5% page coverage"....

Have you ever wondered how much 5% page coverage exactly is? Take a look at the following examples to get the general idea how does a 5% page coverage look like.

5% page coverage - 5% page coverage

10% page coverage - 10% page coverage

15% page coverage - 15% page coverage

18% page coverage - 18% page coverage

30% page coverage - 30% page coverage

45% page coverage - 45% page coverage

It seems 2,000 pages at 5% page coverage is not as much as it seems.

One way of reducing the cost per page is using compatible and remanufactured inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges and printer ribbons - it's cheaper and greener.

Another way of reducing your printer's cost per page is using a printing optimisation sofware. One of the leading print management and toner optimization solutions provider is Preton Ltd..

It's up to you how to minimize your printing cost!

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Xerox Scientists Develop Chemical Armor to Extend the Lifespan of Printer Components

Xerox Scientists Tasked with developing ways to extend the lifespan of printer components - and reduce their impact on the environment - a group of scientists at Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) have developed a new chemical armor that protects photoreceptors, the light-sensitive elements in xerographic machines. Protected from normal wear and tear, a photoreceptor coated with the new "armor" can survive more than one million revolutions - nearly doubling its usable life.

"The long life of the photoreceptor reduces the need for replacement cartridges, enabling a 33 percent reduction in waste," said Yonn Rasmussen, vice president of the Xerographic Component Systems Group. "Customers experience less down time, and therefore reduced interruptions to work flow, improved productivity, and fewer service calls."

Photoreceptors are multi-layer thin film devices that convert light into electrostatic images. They must be replaced periodically due to surface wear and scratches that can affect image quality.

"This novel long life overcoat is an example of cutting-edge chemistry at work that required both materials and process innovation," said Giuseppa DiPaola-Baranyi, laboratory manager for Materials Integration at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. "The ultimate goal is to develop photoreceptors that will last the entire life of the machine. For example, when you scratch your hand and you heal, that's a biological process. We are looking at how to mimic nature and leverage our expertise in smart materials design and nanotechnology to create molecules for next-generation photoreceptors with self-healing capabilities."

The new photoreceptor works in the standard machine design with no additional hardware changes or added costs to the customer. This invention has broad applicability across Xerox's product portfolio and is being first implemented in the Xerox 4112™/4127™ light production monochrome printers.

A global, multi-disciplinary team from the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, the Xerographic Component Systems Group engineering team in Webster, N.Y. and the manufacturing team in Venray, The Netherlands, advanced the project from the pilot plant stage in Canada to production in Venray in less than one year, a record time for commercializing a new technology such as this.

Original Source: Inside Innovation at Xerox: Scientists Develop Chemical Armor to Extend the Lifespan of Printer Components

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Network Copier Security: Are you doing enough to protect information assets?

Secure Printing Remember Harold Nicholson, the former CIA agent who was convicted of spying for the Russians? Arresting in 1996, he is now serving a 23-year prison sentence for passing sensitive photos and documents to Russian handlers. In exchange for that information, Nicholson was paid $300,000 in cash. This story resurfaced as Nicholson allegedly enlisted his son to collect an additional $35,000.

A more recent lapse in security occurred when a New Zealand man discovered confidential files on an MP3 player he purchased in Oklahoma. The device contained home addresses, Social Security numbers and cell phone numbers of U.S. soldiers, along with military mission briefs and lists of equipment deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

These breaches illustrate that people intent on seeking personal financial gain are an ongoing threat, as are those that mishandle mobile technology–MP3 players, laptop computers, USB thumb drives, or any other digital media.

With that reality comes an imperative to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. This has never been more urgent as layoffs reach historic highs. Indeed, with every pink slip comes the very real threat of information theft. Case in point: A Symantec and Poneman Institute survey found that more than half of workers who lost or left a job in 2008 said that they stole confidential company data. What’s more surprising, this same survey found that 82 percent of IT departments said no audits of paper or electronic documents were done before the employees left their jobs.

Certainly, IT professionals protect their network infrastructure by installing firewalls, reliable anti-virus software and monitoring the network for security holes. However, there’s a vulnerability sitting in full view–the network copier/MFP (multifunctional peripheral).

An MFP integrates copy, scan, fax and print functions into a single platform. However, if not properly protected, these sophisticated network devices pose a potential threat to information security. To address that threat, please read on. We’ve highlighted products that are engineered to help safeguard information assets and increase accountability across an entire enterprise.

Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Canon imageWARE Secure Audit Manager software collect important job attributes, including a physical copy of all processed jobs, acting as an effective deterrent to information leaks. When documents are processed by Canon-branded MEAP-enabled imageRUNNER devices, the software tracks everything that that user does, ultimately capturing and archiving each image in a backend Oracle database. The Keyword Notification feature automatically notifies the administrator via e-mail whenever a pre-set keyword is detected in a scan job. This software provides companies with an effective and efficient tool to monitor the electronic transmissions of hardcopy documents.

eCopy, Inc.
eCopy ShareScan software operates across different MFP and scanner platforms, so scan operations can be performed on the device of choice, for example, a Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh or Xerox device, using one intuitive interface. An open architecture is important within mixed fleets, where each device uses its own proprietary functionality. IT administration is streamlined when scan activity occurs at eCopy ShareScan. Moreover, eCopy’s security features can be deployed across all scanning devices within the enterprise-dynamic Active Directory and application authentication, document encryption, job logging, and secure deletion of temporary image files. Regardless of which device a user walks up to, the touch screen, with an easy to navigate graphical user interface (GUI) is the same. That consistent user experience is a key benefit, as is its ability to customize that experience to a customer’s specific application needs, whether to improve business processes or enhance security.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.
Konica Minolta realized early on the importance of security issues in the digital age, where the risk of seriously damaging security breaches rises dramatically alongside rapidly growing worldwide communication possibilities. In response to these threats, Konica Minolta has taken a leading role in developing and implementing security-based information technology in its MFPs. In contrast to other MFPs in the market which are certified based on a security option or a specific function, they engineer and provide ISO 15408 Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 3 Security Certification for each product as a total system. Konica Minolta has announced a partnership with ActivIdentity that has produced a Personal Identification Verification (PIV)-Compliant Card System that increases security and document control for customers using Konica Minolta MFPs and printers. Initially available to U.S. Department of Defense customers, the PIV-Compliant Card System can be used in conjunction with the Common Access Card (CAC) as well as the next generation CAC, a PIV-Compliant Identification Card.

Muratec America, Inc.
Muratec’s OfficeBridge™ software solution supports Inbound Fax Routing, enabling users to receive faxes directly to e-mail. With the increased emphasis on security, IT doesn’t want sensitive fax messages printing at the device for all to see; they want to route messages directly to an e-mail inbox. Inbound Fax Archival also serves as a permanent audit trail, as a copy of each received fax is stored to a network folder. The administrator has the ability to retrieve a given document, perhaps in the event of a security breach or litigation. Outbound Fax Archival also captures an image of each document sent outside the organization. Other embedded Muratec security technologies include user authentication, which validates network user names and passwords (through Microsoft Active Directory), password-protected PDF, PIN masking, secure fax Reception and secure print.

Ricoh America Corporation
The GlobalScan Family of products addresses security requirement by using the employee’s existing network log-in credentials (used at their workstations) for authentication at the MFP control panel. Once validated, the user can scan to e-mail, folder, fax and/or DMS. Card Authentication (optional) supports single sign-on and the ability to control access to restricted features. Using HTTPS, e-mail communication from the GlobalScan Server-enabled MFP is secured using 128-bit encryption technology. By leveraging the core security features of compatible MFPs, and GlobalScan Family products, Ricoh provides assurance that information assets introduced into their electronic workflow were fully protected from unauthorized access.

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America
Sharp MFP log file monitors all device activity for auditing purposes, either on the device itself–where the first page of each scan is retained, or via third-party software, where every page is stored on a back-end server. And with scan to e-mail, authentication rules can be enforced that only allow the employee to scan to their e-mail inbox or desktop, no other destinations. Security is enhanced because documents cannot be sent outside the organization. This type of authentication is associated with an Account Control List (ACL), where permissions are based on authentication settings established by the administrator. Securing network printing is also possible, using PIN Print, where the user must enter a code at the device to release the job; Pull Print uses third-party software to send the file to a server where any authorized individual (on the LAN or WAN) can print the job; My Folder Print uses Sharp’s OSA™ Platform to enable users to browse to and print documents stored in their network folder.

Xerox Corporation
Xerox MFPs are equipped with a wide range of security features to protect data. The Image Overwrite security option electronically shreds information stored on the MFP’s hard drive, either automatically (at job completion) or on demand. Data residing on the hard drive is encrypted, as is data communicated over encrypted network protocols, like SSL, IPSec and SNMPv3. For full access control, authentication and authorization privileges can be granted to all device services on a per-user basis via Active Directory. The embedded fax subsystem separates fax telephone line and network connection to prevent unauthorized access to a user’s environment. And audit log tracking records the date and user of every job the device processes. Secure print prevents the unauthorized viewing of private documents when printing to a workgroup MFP by safely storing print jobs at the device until the user enters a PIN to begin the printing process.

Additional Security Solutions
There are many security solutions available today that address specific vulnerabilities, including, but not limited to, the following:
* CAC (Common Access Card) Authentication: The MFP user inserts their Department of Defense-issued CAC into a card reader attached to the MFP before accessing device functions.
* E-mail Encryption: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology encrypts mail communications so messages can only be read by the recipient.
* Hard Drive Overwrite: After each scan operation, the latent image data stored on the hard drive is overwritten with a random sequence of 1s and 0s. Look for ISO 15408 certification.
* IP Filtering: A host-based firewall filters traffic by IP address and port number.
* MAC Address Filtering: Provides network access control via the 802.1X protocol.
* Removable Hard Drive: The MFP’s hard drive is mounted externally, allowing for removal and storage.
* Network Port Security: System administrator can enable or disable IP ports, controlling the different network services provided by the print controller to an individual user.
* WPA (Wi-Fi Protect Access): Used in conjunction with the IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN option, to provide assurance that data is protected by allowing only authorized users to access the network.

Original Source: Network Copier Security: Are you doing enough to protect information assets?

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

United names preferred suppliers for 2010

Office SUpplies 16 October - Deerfield (IL), USA

United Stationers has issued its list of preferred suppliers for 2010.

To achieve ‘preferred supplier’ status, companies are ranked on a variety of measures including sales and marketing initiatives, executive accessibility, sustainability, marketing programme collaboration and dedicated support for the independent reseller channel.

“Our Preferred Supplier Program rewards those companies that focus their efforts on establishing a long-term collaborative relationship with United Stationers and the resellers we serve,” said Jim Fahey, United Stationers, SVP of Merchandising. “These suppliers share our commitment to provide innovative products, support total supply chain efficiency and demonstrate ongoing support of the reseller channels we serve.”

The following companies have been named United Stationers Preferred Suppliers for 2010:

Batteries/Flashlights: Energizer
Binders/Indexes/Labels: Avery
Binding Systems/Staplers: ACCO
Calculators: Canon
Chairmats: ES Robbins
Computer Cleaning Supplies: Falcon
Dated Goods/Appt. Books: At A Glance
Fax and Multi-Function Printers: Brother
Food/Beverage: Office Snax
Food Service Disposables: Dixie
Input Devices (mice/keyboards): ACCO/Kensington
Label Maker & Supplies Dymo: (Sanford)
Laminators/Computer Accessories: Fellowes
Niche Furniture: Balt
Office Tape/Pads and Notes: 3M
Office Suites: Mayline
Optical and Magnetic Media: Imation
Pens: Sanford
Power Protection: Tripplite
Single Function Printers/Imaging Supplies: Hewlett Packard
Skin Care & Toiletries; Gojo
Specialty Furniture/Facility
and Maintenance Supply: Safco
Tables: Iceberg
Telephones: Jabra/GN Netcom
Towel and Tissue: (joint) Georgia Pacific and Kimberly-Clark

Original Source: United names preferred suppliers for 2010

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Canon and HP broaden alliance

HP and Canon Canon and HP have announced the expansion of a collaboration to market and distribute a new range of multifunction office systems.

The two companies said the alliance united "the best of both companies”. By this Canon and HP are referring to being able to provide web-enabled solutions that combine Canon’s multifunction device processing and imaging systems with HP’s device manageability, IT integration and office workflow capabilities.

The two companies said that with a broad range of software and services from HP company EDS, HP managed print services and Canon services and support that the alliance can offer enterprise customers access to one of the most complete offerings in the industry, delivering improved efficiencies and greater cost savings.

Current and future product portfolios from both companies will be included in the alliance. The two companies said this would provide companies greater fleet compatibility across their entire office printing infrastructures. Canon and HP said they will also benefit from access to each other's management and third-party development software portfolios.

The expanded portfolio of products and services is expected to be available to customers in North America and Europe, as well as global customers from these regions.

“Through this new alliance with HP, we look forward to bringing the advantages of Canon’s highversatility, high-performance multifunction products to an expanded user base,” said Masaki Nakaoka, Chief Executive, Office Imaging Products Operations. “We expect this will maximise benefits for both companies’ customers while also paving the way to increased growth for both Canon and HP.”

“HP has long been an industry leader with a portfolio of products, software, services and solutions that enable enterprise customers worldwide to improve their imaging and printing efficiencies without compromising the reliability, quality or professionalism of their documents,” said David Murphy, SVP, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “In growing our relationship with Canon to offer customers value-added and more holistic IT solutions, we are confident organisations will enhance productivity with their imaging and printing and overall business workflow needs.”

Original Source: Canon and HP broaden alliance

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lexmark launches line of eight new inkjet AIOs for small and medium-sized businesses

LexmarkLexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) launched its full line of eight all-in-one (AIO) inkjet printers for small to medium-sized businesses. The innovative, feature-rich line includes the world's first Web-connected line of inkjet AIOs and the lowest black printing cost in the inkjet industry.

Lexmark's new 105XL black ink cartridge offers businesses a penny-per-page option for mono printing, which equals bottom-line savings potential for small businesses that typically print black-and-white documents. With a suggested retail selling price of $4.99, businesses can buy high-yield black cartridge replacements that deliver the lowest black printing cost in the industry and long-life ink performance.

"We've developed a product line with innovative solutions and functionality as unique as the small businesses we serve, taking our customers way beyond printing," said Paul Rooke, Lexmark executive vice president and president of the company's Imaging Solutions Division. "From the real estate agent faced with making a difficult sale, to the construction company crunching every penny, we know that now more than ever, small businesses have limited resources, and these AIOs are business partners that help them save both time and money."

The new line includes three Web-connected touch screen AIOs with Lexmark's myTouch capacitive 4.3-inch touch screen technology. The touch screen AIOs will be available at competitive price points ranging from $199 to $399.Lexmark is proud to deliver an innovative new technology that enables businesses to easily streamline the way they work. Through the touch screen, businesses can use or create simple, one-touch applications, SmartSolutions, which enable them to save precious time normally wasted on repetitive, multi-step tasks. For more information on Lexmark SmartSolutions, please go to
Lexmark's new inkjet line includes other features and functionality that enhance a business' efficiency. These include:

• Vizix print technology - Lexmark's new Vizix technology includes separate ink cartridges and provides top speed and quality across the entire line of new inkjets. This enables customers to choose a printer based on their unique business needs and not have to sacrifice on speed or quality at any price point.

• Wireless - Lexmark delivers wireless capability across the entire line of new inkjet AIO products. Additionally, Lexmark is the first to introduce Wireless-N (IEEE 802.11n) for customers in need of longer range and more reliable signals for faster file transfer rates.

• Eco Mode - The new Eco Mode allows users to save paper and energy with a touch of the button. Eco Mode automates two-sided printing, faxing and copying, saving businesses up to 50 percent of their paper usage and lowering overall costs.

• Business card scan - Lexmark's innovative business card scanning solution automatically uploads contact information to the most commonly used address book applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows CE or Palm OSTM. This feature is ideal for business users looking to save time, eliminate clutter and organize their desks.

The 2009 product line is built to last and is backed by industry-leading 3-year and 5-year warranties, coupled with lifetime phone support.

The 2009 product line includes:

Professional Series - 5-year, industry-leading warranty
• Platinum - $399, wireless 4-in-1 with dual paper trays, SmartSolutions touch screen and lowest black ink cost in the industry
• Prestige - $299, wireless 3-in-1 with SmartSolutions touch screen and lowest black ink cost in the industry
• Prevail - $199, wireless 4-in-1 with advanced networking capability
• Prospect - $169, wireless 4-in-1 with integrated business card scanner

Home Office Series - 3-year warranty• Interact - $199, wireless 3-in-1 with SmartSolutions touch screen
• Intuition - $149, wireless 3-in-1 with two-sided printing and color LCD
• Interpret - $129, compact wireless 4-in-1 for office productivity
• Impact - $99, compact wireless 3-in-1 for everyday tasks

Lexmark equipped several small businesses with AIOs and let them deliver the verdict on the features that most enhanced their bottom line. Click here to learn more about their performance reviews.

To learn more about Lexmark's Professional Series and Home Office Series of printers, please visit:

Original Source: Lexmark launches line of eight new inkjet AIOs for small and medium-sized businesses

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Monday, September 07, 2009

New Lineup Of Compact Color All-In-Ones & Printers from Brother


New single-pass engine equipped models target small offices and workgroups

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (Sept. 3, 2009) – Today, Brother International Corporation, a leader in small and home based office machines bolsters its product line-up with a new family of compact color products including two new color printers (HL-3000 Series from $299 to $349*) and three new color all-in-ones (MFC-9000 Series from $399 to $499*). The new models deliver powerful features including fast color and monochrome print speeds in a compact design, making them ideal choices for small businesses and home-based office professionals.

“We understand that small business and home-based office professionals have a range of needs, and that when it comes to color printers and all-in-ones, one size does not necessarily fit all,” said Brother’s Director of Marketing for Laser Products, Jeff Sandler. “By expanding our color product line-ups to include more compact and affordable models, busy small office users can now quickly produce high-quality color office documents such as presentations, reports, brochures and spreadsheets with ease.”

The new machines also set a new performance benchmark by delivering professional quality color or monochrome printing at up to 17 pages per minute which is the fastest single pass color print speed within each of their respective market segments. Now sporting an extensive array of color line-ups (25 products including inkjets), Brother can address virtually every possible user need. In addition, Brother’s newest family of printers and all-in-ones use LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, enabling its new family of compact color machines to feature a significantly smaller footprint than its existing color laser products.
“Brother is committed to offering consumers a great value,” said Sandler. “With these new models, we are able to offer professionals high-performing, fast machines with rich color output at very attractive price.


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Xerox: Who we are today?

Xerox Logo
With sales of $17.6 billion, Xerox is the world’s largest technology and services company specializing in document management. From desktop printers and multifunction office systems to high-speed color presses, outsourcing and digital imaging, we provide the industry’s broadest portfolio of document systems and services for businesses of any size.

Our reach is global
Schools, small businesses, government agencies, commercial printers, Fortune 1000 companies and document-driven industries such as healthcare, legal and financial services - we span all types and sizes of organizations. To reach them we sell through our global sales force, independent agents, dealers, value-added resellers and systems integrators, and online and over the phone.
• We have more than 7,500 sales professionals, 13,000 managed service employees at customer sites and 13,000 technical-service employees.
• Through Global Imaging Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox, our products and services are sold and supported through regional office technology dealers in the U.S.
• We extend our global reach with more than 6,500 agents and concessionaries and about 10,000 technology resellers.
• We are allied with IT and business partners that integrate our systems and services into their customer solutions.


Document outsourcing and services
Here’s how we help our customers through our consulting and outsourcing services:
• Simplify document-driven processes, like forms processing and records management
• Provide services that analyze and improve the use of document systems - printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners
• Manage in-house print operations and special events by handling technology procurement and print/copy centers
• Make information easier to manage and find through digital imaging, archiving and indexing
• Improve commercial print operations through document outsourcing and resources to boost sales and profits

Production printing
For graphic arts and production environments, we offer these printing systems and services:
• Color and black-and-white digital printers and presses
• Wide-format and continuous-feed printers and copiers
• Business development tools to help grow a profitable digital business
• Publishing solutions for books, on-demand documents, transactional applications, personalized printing and more
• Workflow software to simplify how print jobs are created and managed

Office solutions
We have the right office printer and services for any business, from small to large, in one city or in thousands:
• Multifunction systems, color and black-and-white, that combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning
• Color network printers, solid ink and laser
• Digital copiers and fax systems
• Highest quality Xerox inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges and solid ink sticks
• Software to streamline how information is stored and shared

Research and development
Innovation keeps us in the forefront of our industry:
• Five percent of our revenue is dedicated to R&D and engineering • Four R&D centers in the U.S., Canada and Europe focus on color science, computing, digital imaging, work practices, electromechanical systems, novel materials and other disciplines
• More than 8,900 active U.S. patents

Environmental sustainability
Sustainability can no longer be viewed as a cost of doing business, but as a way of doing business. Our responsibility to the environment focuses on four areas where we can have the most impact:
• Climate protection: Because our aim is to be carbon-neutral, we invest in technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and the document-management solutions that we offer to our customers.
• Preserving biodiversity and the world’s forests: We work with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to support the development of a sustainable paper cycle through paper-sourcing guidelines, recycled paper offerings and services that decrease offices’ dependency on paper.
• Preserving clean air and water: We strive to eliminate the use of persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic materials throughout the supply chain.
• Preventing and managing waste: Our goal is to produce waste-free products in waste-free facilities to promote waste-free offices for our customers. Our proprietary solid ink printers generate 90% less waste than comparable laser printers.

Original Source: Xerox: Who Are We

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Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 Vendor of the Year Award

Konica-MinoltaKonica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop, today announced that it has received the 2009 Vendor of the Year Award from the International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED), the franchisor for the Kwik Kopy Business Center, Kwik Kopy Printing, Parcel Plus, Franklin’s Printing, American Wholesale Thermographers and Ink Well print brands. Presented with this recognition at ICED’s recent conference in The Woodlands, Texas, Konica Minolta was selected from among dozens of the global franchisor’s partner vendors.

ICED began its long history of franchising in 1967 with a single print shop. The ICED family is now one of the largest alliances of print and copy, pack-and-ship, and children’s education franchises, with more than 1,000 locations around the world. Konica Minolta offers the ICED print brands an industry leading solution comprised of digital imaging platforms, applications and a strong support structure to help the franchisees maximize their investments and grow their businesses.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Canon consumables division has announced!

Canon Inkjet Cartridge
To Our Valued Customers,

Industry reports that Canon will raise wholesale prices on inkjet cartridges average of 11% and laser toner cartridges will see prices jump by an average of 6% on July 1st .

If you plan on keeping your printer you may want to stop up and save some money.

As long as the products are not opened and removed from retail packaging, they can be returned to PriceLess Inkjet Cartridge Co. within 6 months for exchange or refund.

We bring this information to our customer’s attention as a service.

Have a great summer, stay cool and enjoy the holidays.

Come In, We Are Open!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Consumers look out for your money because no one else will!

Are you wasting good money because of FUD?
Major printer manufacturers have long used the Theory of FEAR-UNCERTAINTY-and DOUBT.
(F-U-D) to convince consumers that any cartridge, ink, ribbon or toner will harm the printer if the consumable is not their brand.


Millions of consumers have already come to realize that white lie and have switched to using alternative products that usually save on average 20%-50% of the cost for branded merchandise. Today remanufactured and compatible products account for about 20% of the market share. In my opinion it should be 60% -70% of the printer consumable market, which would amount to billions saved by consumers.

Of course, if you are printing for some commercial purpose and the color match must be exact or you want that absolute perfect photo color then certainly use the brand name patent inks and toners.

However, like many of us (about 96%) that print to read something and shortly thereafter toss it. Then that document or picture may not require exactness of color tone or blackness. I for one print in “draft mode” to save on ink consumption and regular text mode if I’m sending the document to someone else. Those options are available of every printer and are easy to switch back and forth.

Why would you want to see your hard earn money end up in the trash?

Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Brother and other brand manufacturers have all raise their prices on products since the beginning of the year. They want to keep their bottom line healthy at your expense!

One manufacture has even gone to the extent of an “ink system failure” to really scare people. Yes, HP the great technology giant appears to have experimented with a preset defect.

Seems your printer all of a sudden stops working. Generally when you have exceeded the warranty period. It could happen when you replace ink cartridges or when you have shut down the printer. The error code starts with 0xc18a / 0xc19a ... and states:

If you have an HP Photosmart printer or you suspect that your printer suddenly stopped working as you reached your warranty period, you may want to read the following article found at “Out of

HP service techs will ask if you have used any non-HP printer cartridges, simply to instill the “Fear Factor” or create “Doubt” in the consumers mind. They won’t say these products caused the problem because they know that would be a lie.

Some consumers suspect the predetermined failure of the Photosmart printers allows HP to trade you up to another model of HP printer that has been refurbished by the company. A small upgrade fee and shipping and your on your way with a refurbished HP.

A very shrewd idea on their part”.

However, as an informed consumer, you make the final determination.

As previously stated, many individuals have come to the realization that these large conglomerates can’t be trusted. They are in it for the money and the new “chip technology” allows them to control the service life of their products, so it seems. There just couldn’t be that many “ink system failures” otherwise they should have a product recall!

Take notice of the current consumer spending trend. Americans are careful where their money is going. Hopefully, not in the trash.

NRF: April retail sales show continued focus on necessities

• 13 May 2009 WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consumers need more proof that the economy is slowly turning around as April retail sales show people continuing to cut back on their discretionary spending. According to the National Retail Federation, retail industry sales for April (which exclude automobiles, gas stations and restaurants) decreased 0.4 percent seasonally adjusted from March and dropped 1.7 percent unadjusted over last year.

April retail sales released today by the U.S. Commerce Department show total retail sales (which include non-general merchandise categories such as automobiles, gasoline stations and restaurants) decreased 0.4 percent seasonally adjusted over March and decreased 9.4 percent unadjusted year-over-year.

"A depressed labor market and lack of consumer confidence continues to play a role in what people buy and how much they spend," said Rosalind Wells, chief economist for NRF. "Noticeable changes in consumer spending will take some time as the economy continues to rebuild itself through the rest of the year."

Spring weather helped get many people out of their homes and into stores to buy new garden and sporting goods. Sales at building material, garden equipment and supplies dealers increased 0.3 percent seasonally adjusted from March but decreased 10.5 percent unadjusted year-over-year. Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores sales increased 0.3 percent seasonally adjusted month-to-month but decreased 2.4 percent unadjusted over last April.

Thanks in part to consumers focusing on necessities instead of discretionary items, sales at health and personal care stores increased 0.4 percent seasonally adjusted month-to-month and 5.4 percent unadjusted year-over-year.

Even with an Easter holiday in April, people still cut back on groceries, apparel and gifts. Sales at electronic and appliance stores decreased 2.8 percent seasonally adjusted from March and 11.9 percent unadjusted from last year. Clothing and clothing accessories stores sales decreased 0.5 percent seasonally adjusted month-to-month and 3.0 percent unadjusted year-over-year. Grocery stores sales also decreased 1.1 percent seasonally adjusted from last month but increased 0.5 percent unadjusted year-over-year.

This article can be viewed at: Retail Customer Experience

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Commercialization

Maybe some will be offended but I have to express my honest feelings.

I'm tired of these "Holiday Sales" and the commercialization of special days in our history.

The people we love and care for do not care if their gift was purchased with a 20% discount!

I know my Mom, when she was with us only cared to have the family close by that special day. Making her breakfast and going off to the Zoo was her special treat. Not a gold chain or a pair of discounted undies!

Does every holiday have to be tagged with a "Special Discount" offer or is it the simple fact that the holiday means nothing as long as we can feel good about spending our money.

As Memorial Day approaches I wonder if the men and women who served our nation really give a hoot about the size of the DISCOUNT you'll get on the mattress?

When you really think about it, we do live in a Commercialized Life.

Here is an excellent article that covers 25 of our popular holidays. You may want to read it and pass it on to your loved ones.

The Commercialization Of Our 25 Favorite Holidays

Think about this picture for a bit this Memorial Day.

At our company we will celebrate holidays for what they are. Spend time with our families and loved ones. Honor those that have served us and gave us the freedom we enjoy. We don't celebrate Hallmark Holidays.

Every day we will do our best to bring you the finest products and excellent value. We are here to serve you with a personal and professional attitude.

That's the Priceless Relationship... a holiday each day.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Swine Flu H1N1 Scams

Are you not tired of Internet scams already?

This swine flu scare has made fools of reasonable and intelligent people. It truly is unbelievable how we have reacted and fallen into the sinister Scammers network. Who are buying Swine Flu vaccines, survival kits, masks, vitamins and herbal products on line and providing their credit card information.

Just Don't Do It!

The internet is becoming a more dangerous place to shop every passing day. Just in our industry of printer supplies we see new websites opening and closing down within months. Are they collecting personal identities from consumers looking for those super-priced buys.

Here's the Business Plan.

A. Design a spicy looking site with "flash" features and buy those online website certificates (which mean little and protect you even less) and trust companies such as BizRate. You can join online BBB and list yourself on price comparison sites, such as "", etc. In less than a month your online company will look as though it has been around for years. Cost @ $5,000

B. List the products at prices well below market wholesale. I you lose $5.00 per item that's OK. Base the business on a life cycle of 90 to 120 days.

C. Ship the first round of products and advertise aggressively through Google and Yahoo!. Stop shipping to new clients within 30 days of closing and never send the 2nd order to repeat clients. (You'll make up a good portion of the losses incurred in the initial sales cycle even to the point where you may break even.

D. If done the proper way you should have at least 5000 – 7000 unsuspecting new identities to sell. You have their Name, Billing Address, Telephone Number Credit Card (maybe 2 cards) information.

E. Bingo! You have just completed a successful business venture. Your list of new identities will probably bring you $75 to $100 each. Do the math, it's a very profitable venture and you can move on. Maybe setting up the next business with one of those new identities you retained.

Friends, these are the same people out there selling your "Miracle Swine Rub". Please be careful and use common sense when shopping online.

PIC INK has been processing online orders for more than 10 years without a single issue of loss of personal data. Our prices are competitive and our service is personal.

One last comment: During the past week 3 children overdosed on Pepsi and Twinkies, why are we not talking pandemic. Thanks for reading, we hope you benefited from the insider info.

"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul
can always depend on the support of Paul."
- George Bernard Shaw

Monday, May 04, 2009

A Slap on the Back for HP

Is it true? Are the uber-corporations of America finally stepping up to the plate, or is this recent “greening” just a banal corporate fad? According to information obtained from HP's annual Global Citizenship Report for fiscal year 2008, by the end of 2010 the company predicts it will meet its target goal of recycling two billion pounds of materials.
It wasn’t always that way. For many years consumers wanted a choice but the only choice was to buy the manufacturers overpriced, over packaged cartridges (including HP) or do without.

Recycling fads will come and go and public interest will wane. That is unless companies like Priceless Inkjet, online retailer of remanufactured inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges persuades folks to see things their way. If sales are an indication then the people have spoken. Priceless Inkjet has experienced an ever-steady growth in sales in spite of the downturn in the economy. People need to print; it’s as simple as that. In today’s market the consumer is looking for ways to save. Buying a remanufactured cartridge for a fraction of the price makes sense. Priceless Inkjet was founded on the principals of a better way.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Revisiting our return policy

When you purchase from Priceless Inkjet Cartridge, Inc., you can be confident that you will receive premium quality, factory-sealed products. In the event you are not satisfied with the quality and performance of the product you purchased, you may select to have the product replaced or to receive a full refund of the purchase price.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rise in counterfeiters that are selling phony ink packaged as the real thing.

Fake Ink Cartridges Ooze Into the Market

Inkjet and printer toner cartridges have joined the ranks of counterfeit Rolex wristwatches and fake Nike sneakers. Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and other leading ink makers are battling a rise in counterfeiters that are selling phony ink packaged as the real thing.

One out of 20 brand-name ink cartridges sold in the United States is counterfeit, according to the Imaging Supplies Coalition, a trade organization of leading printer and ink manufacturers. Fake cartridges--not to be confused with quality off-brand compatible inkjet and toner cartridges--are showing up on retail shelves and are sometimes sold by reputable online merchants. Often, the seller does not realize the cartridge labeled with the name of a major vendor is not, in fact, from that vendor.

Beyond U.S. borders, the counterfeit ink problem has reached epidemic proportions. In parts of Mexico and the Middle East, at least half of the ink cartridges labeled with brand names are bogus, the ISC reports. Costs of Counterfeits

The trend is taking a toll on consumers and ink makers. Makers of brand-name ink, from Canon to Xerox, lost close to $2 billion last year globally to counterfeit ink and toner cartridges, ISC reports. What's more, some of the shady operators behind these counterfeiting ventures include organized crime and groups that funnel proceeds to terrorist organizations, say those who hunt the perpetrators.

For consumers, the price of fake ink is often leaky cartridges, poor quality printouts, and potential damage to printers, say printer manufacturers.

"We find it everywhere," says William Duffy, ISC president. Counterfeit ink is showing up in retail stores, on the Internet, and in just about every other distribution channel you can imagine, he says.

Taking Aim

In the past six months, U.S. Customs has seized 17 shipments of counterfeit inkjet and toner cartridges in the ports of Miami and Los Angeles. Most loads were destined for Latin America, according to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. However, three seized shipments were believed to be headed for U.S. retail shelves and online storefronts.

Investigators trace some of the biggest counterfeit ink suppliers to China, Malaysia, and Latin America. Raids there have turned up ink cartridge manufacturing plants with fake labels and packages bearing the logos of big-name vendors, as well as cartridges. Raids in the United States have revealed counterfeit versions of products marketed by Brother, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, and Canon, say ink manufacturers.

Most retailers that stock counterfeit cartridges are unwitting participants in the bogus-ink sales chain. The counterfeit products make their way into the distribution chain long before retailers stock their shelves, says Tim Trainer, president of the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition.

"The biggest challenge right now is documenting the size of the counterfeit ink industry," says John Shane, a director with tech consulting firm CAP Ventures. Shane says the printer-supplies industry is a $46 billion business and growing 8 percent annually. He considers the opportunity irresistible to counterfeiters.

Terror Ties to Bogus Ink

Profiteers of fake ink include organized crime and sometimes terrorists, says Robert A. Levinson, managing director with the Latin American office of SafirRosetti. The consulting firm is one of the many hired guns that ink manufacturers employ. SafirRosetti and others help law enforcement agencies identify and crack down on counterfeit ink rings. Levinson says fake ink is a gold mine for terrorist organizations, because it can be as profitable as drugs and is more easily sold--since it's marketed inside retail stores instead of on street corners.

Those links to terrorism have also caught the attention of the Department of Homeland Security. The newest federal agency is working with ink manufacturers to quell the problem and cut off any revenues to terrorist organizations and organized crime. One of the participating divisions is the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, which is responsible for intercepting counterfeit products that cross the U.S. border.

"There are strong indicators that proceeds of counterfeit products are going to fund terrorist organizations," says Nancy Kratzer, NIPRCC director. "No matter what it is, if it's popular, then counterfeiters will copy it."

Common Sense Defense

The bad news for consumers is you can do little to avoid phony ink except use common sense.

"If the prices seem suspiciously low, then you should be suspicious," Duffy says. A layperson is unlikely to spot a fake ink cartridge, especially if it bears a brand name, unless it's too late and your printer isn't operating properly.

That's what recently happened to some Brother ink customers, who thought their multifunction fax/printer machines were faulty. Brother says a regional office supply chain unintentionally stocked fake Brother cartridges. Customers started bringing in their printers, complaining that the hardware was malfunctioning, says Matt Hahn, Brother's director of marketing, supplies, and accessories.

"We figured out the problem wasn't with the machine, it was the counterfeit ink cartridges," Hahn says. The vendor yanked the cartridges from the shelves. The company won't say how many customers were affected, or where.

Telltale signs of phony cartidges can be ink clogs and leaks, inferior prints with distorted text and dull colors, printouts with poor resistance to light and water exposure, and a reduced number of printed copies per cartridge.

Consumers, retailers, and distributors can send questionable cartridges to the ISC to verify authenticity. About half of all suspect ink submitted to ISC is verified as fake, up from 18 percent a year ago, Duffy says.

Invisible Ink Problem

Ink makers like Epson, Canon, and HP don't publicize their problems battling counterfeit ink. From their perspective, if customers are wary of brand-name ink cartridges, they're less likely to buy one. Vendors worry that consumers will turn instead to less expensive off-brand ink cartridges.

The damage to reputations can be just as serious as the impact on sales figures, says a manufacturer who didn't want to be identified. Since the cartridge bears a brand name, the customer makes an assumption about its quality. But when that counterfeit cartridge leaks and damages a customer's printer, the manufacturer's reputation takes the hit.

To reduce your odds of getting stuck with a bogus cartridge, buy only from authorized resellers, advise major printer manufacturers. As the counterfeiting problem grows, many vendors are keeping close tabs on what stock is being sold, and where. The printer manufacturers frequently list authorized resellers on their Web sites, providing contact information for online sales and storefront resellers.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Have you ever been told that using compatables will void your warranty?

Don't believe it if you've been told that using compatables will void your warranty. Instead, ask them if they're familiar with the
"The statute is remedial in nature and is intended to protect consumers from deceptive warranty practices. Consumer products are not required to have warranties, but if one is given, it must comply with the Magnuson-Moss Act."

Friday, April 03, 2009

Soy Toner Replacing millions of pounds of Oil Toner in Laser Printers

Price-less Inkjet Cartridge Co. (, in partnership with PRC Technologies, a division of Print Recovery Concepts, Inc., announces an environmental breakthrough in office printing for businesses, schools and colleges.

Price-less Inkjet Cartridge Co. is one of a handful of national dealer to offer laser printer cartridges using toner powder derived from soybeans. Laser cartridges will be supplied by Priceless Inkjet under the SoyPrint™ brand at prices comparable to brand name, oil-based versions currently available. While soy ink has been available for some time, this is the first time a soy-based option has been available in laser cartridges. Industry leaders report it takes about 2 liters of oil to make the one pound of toner powder required for each oil-based cartridge. Currently, U.S. businesses, institutions and governmental bodies consume more than 100 million cartridges per year. That equates to 100 million pounds or 50,000 tons of material we currently use petroleum to produce. Now every office has a choice – they can print black or they can print “green”.

PRC has completed extensive testing of the SoyPrint laser toner cartridges. Debe Overhaug, president of Print Recovery Concepts, Inc., reports the print quality matches current brand name cartridges. She further states each cartridge prints the same number of pages as the oil-based versions and does no harm to the printer itself. "Buyers can now demand a quality product AND a green product. They can have it both ways," Overhaug claims.

SoyPrint™ cartridges are manufactured in the US and are fully warranted. Cartridges will be shipped directly to customers from warehouses strategically located all over the country.


Price-less Inkjet Cartridge Co. (, is a privately held corporation, located in Charlotte County, Florida which, started offering quality alternative printing supplies through their various online e-commerce stores. PICINK was always about establishing a relationship with the consumer. We wanted our customers to have confidence in the products and our service after the sale. With fraud and crime becoming more of a problem online our customers are happy to have a company that they can trust and that protects their privacy. It’s all about a “Priceless Relationship”.

We are proud to partner with Print Recovery Concepts, Inc., who has have been a leading provider of compatible toner cartridges to business and education for 15 years. The firm recognized the potential for soy toner in 2006. PRC is pleased to bring this environmentally friendly product to market.

The big guys are doing it again...

...raising their prices on many of their name brand cartridges. What they're not telling you is you no longer have to buy their brand!

Like generic medications there are many compatable cartridges to choose from. Knowledge is power and in this case its the power to choose! Choose to pay more, or choose to make the switch to compatables and pay less!

Below we have provided a list of the most recent increases.

Xerox - Effective 3/16/09 - Average Increase 7% -
Brother - Effective 4/1/09 - Average Increase 5% -
Oki - Effective 4/1/09 - Average Increase 5% -
Lexmark (Ink) - Effective 4/1/09 - Increases Range From 3 - 23% -
Canon - Effective 4/01/09 -below sku's - 3-8%
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