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Monday, July 18, 2011

Canon U.S.A. Implements Aggressive Energy-Saving Practices

Canon Printer Cartridges Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, announced the results of an aggressive office energy savings program conducted in five U.S. office locations, including its Lake Success headquarters, resulting in reported savings of 2.7 million kilowatt-hours of energy from 2009 through 2010. Initially conceived in 2008, the energy-saving steps implemented across the five locations is equal to approximately $300,000 in utility fees over the two-year period, saving enough energy to power its Lake Success headquarters for four months.

As part of its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, the Company examined its energy practices at four U.S. regional office locations -- Itasca, IL, Irving, TX, Jamesburg, NJ, and Irvine, CA, as well as its Lake Success, NY headquarters-- to uncover areas where energy consumption could be improved, and implemented strategies to reduce consumption. Additionally, the Company expanded the scope of its environmental training to cover energy and resource consumption in the office, and to increase awareness of techniques that reduce energy, paper, toner and other materials.

To achieve its energy-saving goals, Canon U.S.A. focused on four key areas:
1. Energy-Efficient Lighting: Canon U.S.A. installed high-efficiency, low-carbon lighting, replacing thousands of light bulbs throughout its U.S. offices. The company also installed automatic switches that rely on motion sensors that switch off if a room is not in use. Select lighting was also removed, deactivated and/or reduced altogether in areas near sources of natural light (windows) and low-traffic areas (hallways).
2. New Computer Screens: The Company replaced more than 4,000 cathode ray tube computer screens in its offices with energy efficient LCD monitors. Outgoing monitors were donated to local schools and charities, limiting waste and extending use of the products.
3. Energy Efficient Document Management: More than 550 personal printers were removed from service, and replaced with imageRUNNER and imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices. Canon installed uniFLOW printing software to manage its fleet of document output devices, a strategy the Company recommends to its own customers. Among a variety of workflow enhancing capabilities, uniFLOW has the ability to route print jobs to the most energy-efficient printer available, determined by establishing a baseline of energy consumption that measures paper, toner and power use of printers on the network. In 2010, the company saved more than 1.6 million sheets of paper by using duplex printing.
4. Operational Management Efficiencies: Canon limits the hours that its buildings are lit during the business week; staff staying late or working on weekends need to inform facilities if lighting is needed beyond allotted 'lit hours.' Unnecessary lights are automatically turned off after-hours based on the use of motion detectors in some areas.

"With such a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, the team at Canon U.S.A. is inspired to be green by implementing stringent measures to save energy and minimize our environmental footprint," said Joe Adachi, president and chief executive officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "We are happy to share our experiences and strategies for energy savings, to show others that taking measures to go green and protect the environment for future generations can have an enormous impact, both at home and in the office."

Canon U.S.A. is an ardent supporter of environmental and community enrichment campaigns. For years, Canon U.S.A. has supported a variety of programs, including the Canon Envirothon, Yellowstone Foundation, PBS/Nature Series and the Arbor Day Foundation. Canon works in voluntary partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to design products that meet the high standards of its ENERGY STAR® program. Similarly, Canon collaborates with the EPA's WasteWise and SmartWay Transportation Partnerships to reduce the impact of our municipal solid waste and transportation activities. As one of the first companies to collect and recycle used copier toner cartridges, Canon U.S.A.'s Generation Green initiative combines the company's latest environmentally-friendly printer products and solutions, promoting paper saving technology, minimized product packaging and energy saving measures. More than 800 Canon sites, including those in Canon U.S.A., are certified to the ISO 14001 standard. This internationally recognized standard provides organizations with a framework for developing effective Environmental Management Systems (EMSs).

Original Source: Canon U.S.A. Implements Aggressive Energy-Saving Practices To Cut Energy Consumption by 2.7 Million Kilowatt-Hours

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Toshiba Joins Cortado Cloud-Printing Alliance

Toshiba Printer Cartridges Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) has joined the Cortado Cloud Printing Alliance, as part of its strategy for secure, wireless mobile printing from mobile devices such as Apple iPad and iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian mobile devices.

The Cloud Printing Alliance was founded by Cortado, a division of ThinPrint AG, together with printer and Wi-Fi router manufacturers, Hot Spot providers, software developers, and mobile operators. The goal of the alliance is to work together to make on-demand mobile printing easy from any device and at any location. Current printer vendors who are members include Brother, Eastman Kodak, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Lexmark, Oki Printing Solutions, and now Toshiba.

With Cortado’s cloud-printing solution, documents can be stored in the cloud (using cloud services such as, Google Docs, etc.), and then printed from smartphones and tablets to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected printer, regardless of device, printer or file type.

Cortado Cloud Printing ReadyCortado says its solutions supports “thousands of printer models from over 90 printer manufacturers worldwide,” and that it currently hosts more than 5,000 print drivers, with the number of print drivers it supports “constantly updated and expanded.” It says, however, that “printers most suitable for printing” are those marketed by Cloud Printing Alliance manufacturers. Recommended printers from Cloud Printing Alliance manufacturers display a “Cortado Cloud Printing Ready” logo.

The Cortado solution includes the Cortado Workplace app, which provides 2 GB of online storage, and can be set up for free when users install the Cortado Workplace app on mobile devices. It provides round-the-clock access to files and documents with wireless mobile cloud printing, regardless of the file type or user’s access to a PC. The user simply logs on with their Web-enabled mobile device and can use any installed imaging device. The drivers required to print are stored within the Cortado Hosting Center.

Noted TABS President and COO Mark Mathews. “One important feature often missing for many people is the ability to print while on the road. Now, due to our membership in the Cortado Cloud Printing Alliance, Toshiba MFPs will be fully supported and accessible from mobile devices.”

Original Source: Toshiba Joins Cortado Cloud-Printing Alliance; National Dealer Meeting Overview

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