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Monday, June 25, 2012

10 Most Curious Printers

Developing of printing industry occurs in several different directions: entertaining, productive and ecologically-conscious printing. It is time to learn more about already existing printers and a number of concepts of the printing devices of not distant future.

Nail Printer
Nail Printer
It is not a joke, but just a must have device for every stylish teenager girl as it can print any picture on your nails just for several seconds. It is a 3D printer which can be used at home. All you need is to connect your computer or laptop to it and then send a picture you want to print.

iMo Photo Frame Printer
iMo Photo Frame Printer
As you can understand from the name of the device it looks like a photo frame. In fact, it is an 8" photo frame that can print. iMo Foto Frame Printer can deliver 6" x 4" photos right from a memory card or from computer as it has a card reader and a USB port. This portable printer has resolution of 800x600 dpi.

Waterfall Printer
Waterfall Printer
One of such printers is situated in Fukuoka, Japan. This printer-fountain can print text and even images with cool water. The outlets at the top of the fountain disperse water at special timing so that producing scrolling images.

Sanwa Newtec PrePeat RP-3100II
Sanwa Newtec PrePeat RP-3100II
It is the most expensive printer of the article. Specific feature of this printer is that it doesn’t use any consumables except polyethylene plastic that can be used for up to 1000 times due to special thermal printing head. However, mass production of this printer was not launched. So if you are interested in it you should consult to the manufacturer.

Food printer
Food Printer
It is a concept by Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran. Cornucopia Food Printer is a kind of 3D printer that is able to print with food. Special tank will store and mix ingredients and printer itself will warm them up.

Coffee Printer
Coffee Printer
This device was designed by Jeon Hwan Ju and is a unique and eco-friendly printer as it uses coffee or tea dregs as ink. All you need is to add paper and fill the ink case. This printer is incredibly saving and ecological, still it delivers only black and white documents.

Toaster printer
Toaster Printer
Let’s continue with food printing. Though it is rather a gimmick, it is worth mentioning. It can be a good present for those who like trifles. It can print both images and text. Special programme converts information into 12x12 pixel images and then burn them on toasts.

Hanging Printer
Hanging Printer
Designers Kim Jin Hee, Kim Hyung Il and Park Woo Seok worked out a concept of a portable printer that can be hanged to a desk edge. This device is intended for economising of working space due to its size. Hanging Printer is provided with build-in LCD that indicates state of the printing process. Pencil printer
Pencil Printer
Here is a concept of printer that uses pencil lead for printing. It is an eco-friendly device that saves energy as it doesn’t radiate heat and save printing paper as it can be reused: just use eraser and you are ready to print on the same piece of paper for dozens times.

Embossing Braille Printer
Embossing Braille Printer
It is rather a social project as the concept was designed to help people who are sight-impaired. Embossing Braille Printer can deliver imprints with Braille characters transferred from voice record. The device turns to be very helpful as it can print labels for vitally important thing as pill-boxes, files, CDs etc.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C754: The right mix for the print industry

Konica Minolta Printer CartridgesSuccess and a competitive edge in the print industry depend on a good mix of print products and reliable technology. In meeting these requirements the bizhub PRO C754, Konica Minolta’s new colour multifunction printer (MFP), offers a powerful feature set of innovative technologies and strong price performance.

Its unfailing print engine, powerful scanning features, ease of use and affordable price make the bizhub PRO C754 multifunction printer a safe investment for different application areas. It’s convenient operation keeps the digital learning curve low and lets printers concentrate fully on their business.

In the print-for-pay business, time is money. With its intuitive and customisable user panel, the bizhub PRO C754 multifunction printer enables print providers to save valuable time by offering walk-in users self-service for their copying, printing and scanning needs.

Mark Hinder, Production Print Market Development Manager says, “The bizhub PRO C754 is particularly suited to Central Reprographics Department (CRD) printing. It provides a great mix of productivity and economic efficiency, especially on mixed short run jobs. And its embedded Fiery controller offers a range of valuable tools.”

Efficiency is key for CRDs looking to support incoming requests with competence and creditable results. The bizhub PRO C754 multifunction printer fulfils their demands with powerful finishing features that increase productivity and allows print runs to be automatically completed without requiring any further manpower. Konica Minolta’s new multifunctional device produces customised full colour content in-house and on-demand, saving both time and money. The technical reliability of the bizhub PRO C754 keeps the system up and running and gives productivity an additional boost. Widening the CRD’s scope of duties, the bizhub PRO C754’s scanning features easily turn it into a central scanning facility, offering direct digitisation into workflows so that users are left with more time to concentrate on their real tasks.

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