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Monday, January 13, 2014

Save Money Using MPS

Save Money
Mike Stately told of how his company was over-spending on printer ink, explaining that while it prints its "fair share" of documents, it was "not nearly enough to warrant what we were spending. We had to find a new way to do business".

As a result, Stately turned to MPS provider Pacific Office Automation, which he said shared "very revealing" information, particularly that printers use up ink for maintenance purposes even when not engaged in printing. Pacific Office Automation’s Doug Pitassi explained: "There had been an investigation done by Consumer Reports that showed how inefficient most ink brands are […] so when Mike Stately called, we let him know this information and made some suggestions as to how to alleviate his concerns."

Stately decided to invest in an MFP to help save on the cost of printer ink, with the device able to provide data on who is printing and how much to further manage the costs of printing. Using an MFP also means that many documents no longer need to be printed as the device allows documents to be shared via the network database.

Commenting on the new printing strategy, Stately said: "It has been incredibly helpful. Our printing costs are down, and we are spending so much less on ink. It is much more efficient than anything else we have used in the past. Our employees save time and unnecessary effort, and we save on costs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved."

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Source: Company saves money with MPS

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