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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Printers Were Sent from Hell!

Why I believe the printers were sent from hell to make us miserable

Printers, unlike  other technologies, are remarkable in the fact that they're just as crappy and unreliable now as they were in 1995. They are sent here to inspire rage, loathing and murder in the hearts of all mankind

You are lured in by the fact the printer is so cheap. It probably has a sleek surface and everu feature is is described with exclamaton point. You might even buy one of those printer/scanner/fax MFC, which means it'll suck really hard at three things rather than just one.

Setup is usually delayed when you drive all the way home an realize they didn't include a printer cable

The driver disc they include are older than the Earth itself, so you have to download the newer ones

I've always wondered what one robot screwing another might sound like. Thanks to my printer I know.

Printers are great for photos if you only need to print one photo per year.

All printers come woth a bonus feature they'll not only print on paper, but crunch it up for you as well.

I've come to believe that my printer produces cryptic error message simply by using words like load, tray and arranging them randomly

Either printer ink is made from unicorn blood or we are all getting screwed

Aside from getting gouged by ink cartridges that cost more than printers themselves, what really aggravating is when your printer refuses to work unless all the color are fully stocked.

I recently deiscovered the joys of ink cartridges that expire and won't work  until you buy new ones

Your printer will oalways stop working at 3am when you are trying to print out a report that's due to next morning.

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