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Monday, November 18, 2013

HP Releases New Version of Consumables App

HP Printer Cartridges
The third version of the SureSupply app allows mobile users to search for replacement cartridges.

IT Business reported on the release of the newest version of the application, which is free for mobile users and allows them to search for and order new consumables "on the go". The app was previously called eSupplies, and has been rebranded after two years to "make it easier for HP customers to identify the cartridges they need for their printers, and to place an order right away".

Whilst the app does not allow for in-app purchasing, it "does show different prices from the list of resellers", and once a consumer decides what they want, they are "transferred to the reseller’s website and can then finish the transaction from there". The HP’s developers noted that the app has been redesigned to simplify the process for marketers "to send special offers to existing HP customers", with the ability to download the app, connect it to the printer over a wireless network, and then "get a read on when their printer is running low on different colors" or cartridges.

Customers in emerging markets that might be concerned as to the legitimacy of the cartridges they buy can also utilize the app, which allows them to scan a QR code on the side of the cartridge to check that it is an HP original. The OEM added that the app also makes it easier for customers to "search for a cartridge type simply by typing in a number, pulling up a list of resellers who carry that specific cartridge, and are located within a user’s country".

The app will be made available in 29 countries and 38 different languages, and is available in both Apple’s app store and Google’s Play store, with a beta set to be released at the end of November.

John Groden, Director of Supplies for Digital Assets at HP, stated: "The app allows for seamless repurchasing of ink and toner [and] with the ease of repurchase, it allows us to work with our existing global reseller base."

Source: HP releases new version of consumables app

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