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Friday, September 13, 2013

Virus alert for Samsung cartridge chips

Samsung Printer Cartridges
The Recycler understands that chips fitted to cloned Samsung MLT-D101 cartridges and also supplied to remanufacturers are infecting Samsung printers, and locking out OEM cartridges.

According to two people familiar with the issue, the chips were sourced in Asia and supplied to several companies producing new, non-OEM Samsung MLT-D101 cartridges, as well as to remanufacturers around the world.

An engineer who spoke with The Recycler said that the offending chips infect the printers and lock out OEM cartridges. As a result of the virus infection Samsung has, The Recycler understands, released a series of downloadable firmware updates for printers using the Samsung MLT-D101 cartridge, which restore full functionality to the printer but lock out clone and remanufactured cartridges using the offending chip.

This is the first time Samsung has issued downloadable firmware updates, indicating the serious impact this malicious virus might have on printer users. According to another source, the firmware is not yet available in all regions, but they expect Samsung to increase its IP protection. The Recycler understands that new Samsung printers are being shipped with a more robust firmware version installed.

The impact for remanufactures could be catastrophic if and when printer users and Samsung take action against the chip manufacturers and remanufacturers that have supplied a virus-infected chip on a cartridge. This also reinforces the need for remanufacturers to have a total understanding of the IP issues and the functionality of chips fitted to their remanufactured products.

The Recycler is waiting on a response from Samsung and chip manufacturers before issuing a further update.

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Source: Virus alert for Samsung cartridge chips

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