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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Changing Your Team’s Thinking On Being Green? Priceless!

Priceless Ink & Toner LogoPriceless Ink & Toner Company in Port Charlotte, FL is a major exporter and wholesaler of high-quality discounted printer accessories, ink and laser toner supplies in the USA and Europe. Priceless believes that price should not be a compromise for quality and offers a fine selection of maximum yield OEM and compatible inkjet, laser and ribbon products to their customers.

A member of the Green Business Bureau since May of 2011, Priceless Ink has reached the Platinum tier of Green Business Certification. Owner, Ray Slipatchuk, contacted us with a success story that he and his team experienced after joining the GBB and going green.

What was the initial staff reaction to greening your business?

I held an office meeting to announce that Priceless Ink was going green. You cannot imagine the facial expressions in the room. It was like a shock wave radiating through the organization. I probably would have gotten a better response if I fired everyone. However, the shock wore off within a day and most associates started to think about how our team could change to make a positive difference by making the right choices (of course it didn't hurt that I offered a $50 Olive Garden diner card for the best ideas). I was truly surprised by the way everyone embraced the green initiatives recommended for us in the GBB program, especially once they realized how it could positively impact our lives, families and community.

What have been some of the biggest challenges to going green?

Employee with the coffee cupThere was one individual, Kim, who had a specific problem with being "all green". This young lady couldn't get over the idea that we were going to stop using Styrofoam cups. For years Priceless had provided coffee in Styrofoam cups. However, since being green is a total commitment, our team decided that the Styrofoam must go. It was a difficult change for Kim and initially she even snuck in Styrofoam from home. I decided to order a special and personal coffee cup for her (notice how beautiful it is in the photo!) to use in the office and asked that she try it for two consecutive weeks. If after that time, she couldn't break the "Styro habit", I would make an exception for her.

Well, you can guess the outcome. The beautiful personal coffee cup became a real hit with our entire staff; they'd compliment her coffee mug at every opportunity. Kim cherishes it, guards it and will not even allow someone else to wash it!

What positive results have you seen from going green?

From a financial point of view Priceless Ink has experienced substantial savings in business operational costs. Additionally, since our associates are proud of their accomplishments, they have gone into the community to help spread the word. This personal involvement has brought our company new business and opportunities in the local market.

We believe in remanufactured products especially if they are Made in the USA because they do favorably impact the environment and save the consumer substantial money and that's always a good thing.

Way to go, Priceless Ink & Toner Company! The Green Business Bureau is very proud of your progress and of the initiatives you are implementing to make your workplace greener. Thank you for your commitment to making a difference for our planet. Keep up the great work!

Source: Changing Your Team’s Thinking On Being Green? Priceless!


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Priceless Ink & Toner Company said...

Hi, everyone is just fine, thanks for asking!

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