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Monday, May 21, 2012

New Mobile and Cloud Printing and Sharing Solutions for HP Wide-Format Printers

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Hewlett-Packard / HP has introduced new mobile and cloud-based printing and sharing solutions for its Designjet wide-format printing systems, including an HP ePrint & Share application for Android.

HP is demonstrating the new solutions at the American Institute of Architects 2012 National Convention. They include:
· An HP ePrint & Share mobile application for Android smartphones and tablets, allowing these mobile users to access, view and print drawings.
· New features for HP ePrint & Share, including the ability to print PDF files directly from e-mail, and optimization for the Apple iPad.
· For Designjet Web-connected printers is HP-enabled cloud printing, now available directly from the Autodesk AutoCAD WS application.

HP ePrint & Share Enhancements
HP’s ePrint & Share is a free Web service that enables users to access and print drawings virtually anywhere using smartphones, tablets, and laptops, or from a Designjet ePrinter’s touch screen. It’s primarily designed for freelance architects, small- and mid-size architecture and engineering firms, and mid-size and large construction companies.

Brian Swanner, senior architect at Waggonner & Ball Architects explained how his firm uses ePrint & Share:
“With partners around the world, we needed a solution that would alleviate communication issues associated with working across great distances. The new features built into HP ePrint & Share helped us find ways to share designs with a variety of partners and, with the mobile application, we can print where the job takes us, speeding up the design-and-build process.”

The HP ePrint & Share mobile application, now available from Android and iOS devices, adds these enhancements:
· Print to any Designjet Web-connected printer, whether at a home office or a partner’s site. Designjet Web-connected printers include the Designjet T2300 eMFP and Designjet T1300 and T790 ePrinters.
· Print PDF files directly from e-mail by selecting the HP ePrint & Share application via the “Open in” button provided by Apple iOS devices or “Share” button provided by Android devices.

ePrint & Share is available at no cost as a download for Designjet customers. The mobile application is initially available for free through Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

HP and Autodesk Provide Mobile Printing for AutoCAD WS Users
HP and partner Autodesk are also demonstrating the new HP ePrint & Share-enabled Plot to Print cloud-printing functionality for AutoCAD WS, a Web and mobile application that enables users to view, edit and share DWG files from virtually anywhere via a Web browser or mobile device.

By registering for HP ePrint & Share, users can access and print their designs on any Designjet ePrinter directly from the AutoCAD WS application, with full control over plot styles, paper sizes, layouts and more. When printing from AutoCAD WS using ePrint & Share, a high-resolution copy of the file is saved to the user’s ePrint & Share cloud library, making it easy to retrieve, share and reprint designs.

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Original source: New Mobile and Cloud Printing, Sharing Solutions for HP Wide-Format Printers

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