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Monday, February 27, 2012

Xerox Launches Cloud-Based Service for Tracking, Securing, Mobile Devices in the Workplace

Xerox Printer / Copier CartridgesWith the explosion of mobile smartphones and tablet PCs in the office, Xerox has stepped up to the plate with a new cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) service. MDM is designed to enable companies to track and secure these mobile devices, so that, for instance, if lost, they become unusable, thus protecting confidential data stored on them.

Xerox’s Ken Stephens, senior vice president of cloud services at Xerox, says MDM can be adapted to manage virtually every type of mobile device. It’s designed to eliminate complicated technical implementation and oversight, as well as hardware and software costs. The new service will enable companies, no matter their size, to identify, secure, and track mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptop PCs.

MDM includes set-up and administration, plus IT staff training to help companies see, track, and secure any mobile device. It also makes sure devices can be locked and unusable, and even remotely formatted.

Alan Snyder, who is CEO at BoxTone, a Xerox partner, noted, “The Xerox business cloud includes a mobile management approach that delivers the critical components for device management: security, ease-of-use and administration, and a price point that’s more than reasonable.” Xerox’s cloud services include Boxtone’s automated technology for enterprise mobile management and mobile device management for the Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android and BlackBerry devices and applications.

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Original source: Xerox Launches Cloud-Based Service for Tracking, Securing, Mobile Devices in the Workplace

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