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Monday, January 31, 2011

OKI Printing Solutions’ Newly Designed SIDM Printers Deliver Best-in-Class Speeds and High-Volume Versatility

Okidata Printer Cartridges OKI Data Americas, which markets its products under the OKI® Printing Solutions brand, today announced the availability of the ML600 Series SIDM printers, including the dual 9-pin ML620/621 and 24-pin ML690/691. The ML600 Series is newly designed to offer the following improved features: new print-head delivering fastest-in-class print speeds of up to 700 cps, new front paper path, longer-life ribbon, lower stand-by power consumption and best in class MTBF (mean time between failures) at 25,000 hours. This improved feature set coupled with field-proven reliability help make OKI Printing Solutions’ MICROLINE printers the most widely-used impact printers in North America, and demonstrate the company’s continuing commitment to product innovation and satisfying the needs of its loyal customers.

The ML600 Series is designed to handle printing needs ranging from continuous multi-part forms output to fine business correspondence to point of sale. The new SIDM series is ideal in the most demanding environments in key industries such as healthcare, education, government, retail, hospitality, finance and insurance, and manufacturing and warehousing. The ML600 Series also produces letter-quality type and high-resolution graphics perfect for office and executive suite environments.

"OKI Printing Solutions recognizes that multi-part forms remain a critical printing application in many business environments and those customers require a fast, reliable and easy-to-use SIDM printer to deliver exceptional, worry-free performance,” said Nick Ciarlante, Director, Specialty Products for OKI Data Americas. “The new ML600 Series offers an improved feature set that reduces wasted time and user intervention, to deliver truly exceptional impact printing performance, backed by a three-year warranty for added reliability."

Starting at an affordable estimated street price of $420, the ML600 Series offers the following features and benefits:
* Best-in-class reliability rated at 25,000 hours MTBF for minimum downtime and maximum end-user productivity that’s 25% better than its closest competitor.
* New front paper path (tractor feed and friction feed) for use in environments where a rear or bottom feed is not a viable option.
* 400 million character print head life plus 3 year limited warranty with extensions for maximum durability and dependability.
* New, longer ribbon life of up to 13 million characters that helps eliminate the need for frequent ribbon changes and leads to increased productivity.
* New print head design that delivers fastest print speeds in its class in all available modes: Super speed draft (700 cps), High speed draft (600 cps), Near letter quality (113 cps) and Utility/draft (450 cps), delivering high quality output with barcode capability.
* Standard parallel and USB Interface plus optional Interfaces that provide future cost savings if systems requirements change.
* Crisp, clear printing output on letterhead or up to 7-part forms making it practical for both general business and various point-of-sale applications.
* ENERGY STAR® qualified with new lowstand-by power consumption.

OKI® Printing Solutions provides live, toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with agents based in North America.

Original Source: OKI Printing Solutions’ Newly Designed SIDM Printers Deliver Best-in-Class Speeds and High-Volume Versatility

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